How to Play Uneven Lies?

Golf is also unique in that we are always playing uneven lies and under different conditions than when we practice.  When I was playing university basketball we practiced and played our games in the same gym.  However in golf, the driving range typically has consistent flat conditions.  The golf course, however, is full of different situations.

Now, it certainly depends on the courses you are play as to how much undulation you will face over 18 holes. I have been fortunate to play courses all over North America and Europe, and no matter where I played I always seemed to find at least a couple of them per round…unless it was a converted farm field…and I have played those too!!

It is true that the mountainous courses in Canada and the USA will test you with more severe slopes, however, it you don’t pay attention to the subtle rolls of the links courses in Scotland you will hit some very errant shots.

This section is to help you with playing and hitting great shots from all four conditions.  It is important to know the differences between the situations so that you have the confidence to apply the right setup and technique changes. There is nothing better than feeling confident in your setup and technique while preparing to play any shot.

Please Click an Uneven Lie Below

I hope you find these lessons helpful for your game so that you can hit great shots from all kinds of situations.

Please remember that while you are learning these techniques, the most important part of playing these shots is to make sure you advance your ball and avoid leaving yourself the same or a worse situation.  That could mean selecting a more lofted club than you would normally need to get to the green just to make sure you advance the ball and give yourself the best opportunity to execute your next shot.

I hope you find the lessons helpful in controlling your ball flight off these different situations to put your ball in a great spot for your next shot.  Understanding and executing the subtle setup and swing changes make all the difference in hitting these consistently.