Rickie Fowler: Learn pro Swings

Rickie Fowler Golf Swing

If people don’t think PGA Tour pros are not athletes…they have not seen Rickie Fowler hit a golf ball! As proof take a look at his left foot as he hits the golf ball. His heel comes way off the ground at impact. That is not conventional, but certainly shows his power. I would have to put a warning label on that move…’don’t try that at home’…much like his old X-Games sports moves.

Fowler like all pros has a great setup position. You can see how he builds such a strong base in his legs. He looks like he could take a hit and stay standing. He is in a very powerful position.

The thing I the most about Rickie’s backswing is his right leg. He keeps his leg in the same place throughout his entire backswing. This is critical for a solid backswing. If you look really closely it almost looks like his leg is moving towards the target (reverse pivot). However, don’t be fooled by his upper body movement. He moves his upper body so far away from the target that it gives the appearance that his leg is moving in the wrong direction.