Putting Balance Drill

Putting Balance Drill

This Putting Balance Drill is a great way to practice keeping your lower body still during your putting stroke.  The putting stroke is the simplest motion in golf.  It is the shortest stroke we make and it requires the least amount of body movement.  In fact, the less movement we create the more consistent our putting. The more consistent your stroke, the more likely you will start your ball online and with the right pace.  The more often you have the right line and pace, the better chance you have to hole putts.

I am a big believer in eliminating unnecessary movement.  If we don’t need the movement then let’s get rid of it as it will simply make our stroke and timing more difficult.  Let’s keep golf as simple as possible!

The putting stroke should be dominated by the arms and shoulders.  For more info on the putting stroke click here.  We want to eliminate any movement with the lower body.  If we turn or slide the hips it can affect our ball contact and it will cause the putter face to turn more, making it harder to start our putts on line.

As a test, stand with your putter at your address position and turn your hips a little.  What happens to your putter head?  Did it turn/twist? Now go back your address position and then slide your hips toward your target. What happens to your putter head? Did the face rotate open? If so, then you can see how you would miss the putt to the right. If you try to compensate then you will likely close the face and miss left.

Keeping your putter face square with body movement is very difficult. Eliminate body movement and you will improve your consistency of starting putts online.

This Putting Balance Drill is designed to help you eliminate any hip movement in your putting stroke so that you can hit your putts with a square face and get your ball started on line.  It will also help with hitting your putts in the middle of the club face for consistent distance control.

Putting Balance Drill – Equipment

To practice with this drill you will need your putter, any iron and a few golf balls.  The golf balls are optional as you can certainly benefit from this drill by just making practice strokes.

Putting Balance Drill – Setup

The first thing to do is setup to hit a putt with your normal stance while holding the extra club in your left hand.

Next, place the club so that the head is on the ground and the grip is leaning up against your left  hip (for right handed players).  Now finish getting into your putting stance so you can stroke some putts.

Putting Balance Drill – Practice

Now start making practice strokes, or hit some putts.  The purpose of the drill is to not let the club fall down.  The only way it will fall is if you turn/shift your hips.  The more often you can make a stroke without letting the club fall, the more you consistent your stroke will be.

Putting Balance Drill – Bonus Tip

If you continue to struggle with keeping your lower body quiet during your putting stroke then try the following setup trick.

Set you as you normally would, except the last thing you should do if pinch your knees toward each other.  This is how Arnold Palmer putted throughout his illustrious career.  By pinching your knees toward each other it will help eliminate any movement of your hips and legs.

I hope you found this keyword drill helpful for your putting stroke.  Good luck with your practicing and playing.  May you reach your golf goals sooner with the help of