Putter Stroke Length Drill

In order to use this drill you need your putter, 5 tees/coins, a few golf balls, and open space on a green or carpet. We do not need a hole or a target for this drill.  The point of this drill is to practice how different length strokes hit putts different distances and that the same length stroke should create the same amount of roll for your putts.

Start by placing a tee that will mark the ball position for the drill.  You will stroke each putt from this starting point.  Then put one tee 6-8 inches on the backswing side of the ball and then another tee the same distance on the follow through side of the ball.  Then repeat this action by adding two more tees about 18-20 inches on both sides of the ball.

Putter Stroke Length Drill – Setup

Start by placing one tee/coin in the ground. This will mark your ball position. When it is time to hit putts you will always place your ball at this mark.

The next step is to take two tees/coins and put them equidistant on each side of the ball position mark. I would suggest 6 or 8 inches on either side of the mark for the ball position.

Now take your last two tees/coins and do the same thing as the first two just further apart.

I would suggest 18 inches on either side of the mark for your ball.

Now place your golf ball at your mark and you are ready to start hitting putts.

Putter Stroke Length Drill – Practice

The first part of this practice is to start with the two inner tees/coins. Take your address position and then start your back swing. Make your back swing until your putter head reaches the inner tee/coin. Then transition into your downswing, make impact and then stop your follow through at the inner tee/coin on the follow through side.

Repeat this with the rest of your golf balls.

If the tempo of your stroke is consistent and your stroke is the same length, then you should find is that all your putts should roll out almost the same distance.

Now collect the balls and do the same thing but by making your stroke go to the outer two tees/coins.  You should see the distance of the putts with the longer stroke roll out farther than the shorter stroke.

Like any drill…repeat, repeat, repeat.

Bonus Tip

The key to great pace is understanding how long a stroke you need for the distance you want the ball to roll.  You can use this drill to get a feel for length of stroke and length of putt distance.

Please note that green speeds change, which affects how much the ball will roll given the same length stroke.