Develop A Good Golf Pitching Pre-Shot Routine

This is the Golf Pitching Pre-Shot Routine Lesson. This lesson is about developing a repetitive routine when you are faced with a pitch shot. You want to follow a routine for every shot you have during your game. Developing a consistent routine will help you feel comfortable for each shot you face.

You could be facing a difficult shot for a career low score, in front of a crowd at the company tournament, or under the pressure of playing with a client. You will want your pre-shot routine to always be the same, so that it can help relieve some of the pressure you might be feeling.

The following routine is simply a guide to help you discover your own routine. The framework is solid and with practice will give the you the best opportunity to hit great shots more often.

The benefits to a consistent routine…

1.Familiar- It is easier to feel comfortable when you are familiar with your surroundings. Every shot is different, but your routine will make it familiar.

2.Pressure- You can play better under pressure with a good routine. Pressure does not mean a big tournament…could be a career low score, or an important client you are playing with. Comfort leads to less tension which means better shots.

Step One: Pay Attention on Approach

Start evaluating the shot as you approach your ball. Take a look at the slopes, pin position so that you can choose the right shot to play, with the right club.

Step Two: Evaluate Situation

  • Place your bag down beside your ball…DO NOT TAKE OUT A CLUB.
  • Look at your shot from behind your ball. Check the grass where your ball lies.
  • How would you throw the ball to get it close to the hole? This will help you decide what type of pitch shot to hit..low, high, regular.
  • Choose your shot height and club to get the job done. Now…take your club out of your bag.

Step Three: Take Grip

  • Stand behind your ball. This let’s you visualize your shot to be sure you have chosen the right shot.
  • See your target line. Where do you want the ball to go?
  • Take your grip. Your hands are so important. This allows you to focus solely on your hands to make sure they are in the right position before you even step up to the ball.

Step Four: Feel Swing

  • Keep your grip and step up to the side of your ball.
  • Give yourself enough room to make a practice swing. You want to feel the length of your swing. Try to match your practice swing to the length and height of shot you want to play. Matching your actually swing to your practice swing is the key to hitting the shot you visualized in the previous step.
  • To help get a feel for the length and look of your shot, take your practice swings with your head up looking at where you want your ball to land. The better you can ‘see’ your shot before you hit it, the better feel you will have to execute it.

Step Five: Setup and Swing

  • Place your club behind the ball first. This will make sure you aim your club along your target line.
  • Place your body in relation to your club and target line.
  • Once you set your body…take one last look at where you want to land the ball.
  • Make your swing. The key is…don’t wait. Waiting creates tension. Tension is bad. We want a free flowing motion. Try to swing right after that final look at your target.

Step Six: Hold Finish

  • This step is actually at the end of the shot.
  • Hold your finish position until the ball stops. This will give you great feedback as to the length of swing and the result of the shot.
  • Your “Muscle memory” grows quickly by doing this. The better your brain and body work together, the better touch you will have around the greens.
  • Touch comes from experience, so you should get the most out of every shot, and absorb as much as you can.

Thank you for taking the Pitch Shot Routine Lesson. It is the last lesson in the Pitch Shot Series. I hope that they have been helpful to your game and that it has given you a better understanding of how to play a variety of pitch shots.

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Good luck with your practicing and playing. May your golf goals come sooner at