Online Golf Instruction: Questions and Answers

Please find below my online golf instruction in the most recent questions sent in from players all around the world and the answers i provide to those questions.

I created as a resource to provide online golf instruction to players all over the world. The mission statement for my website is to:

“Provide access to high quality golf instruction and information to players, of all levels, all around the world.”

In the last few years I have received many emails about all aspects of the game of golf. I have been asked by players all around the world about my teaching and helping them reach their golf dreams.

For example, I have received emails from the United States, Great Britain, China, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, Namibia, Bahamas, Vietnam, Iceland, and Seychelles. I am so proud to be accomplishing my mission statement.

This section of my site is to provide access to all the questions players send in and the answers I provide back to them. It is a repository of of golf information that players are currently asking about.

If you have a question please feel free to contact me. If you have a questions about the golf swing, short game, rules, equipment or anything else golf related that comes to mind please click here…

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I am also very appreciative of the players who have taken time out of their day to send me a kind note and comment about how much they like my site and how it is helped their game development.

If you would like to read some of their comments you can click on the player testimonials link below. If you would like to comment on my site or instruction please click on the link above.