Matt Kuchar: Learn Pro Swings

Learn Pro Swings: Matt Kuchar is designed to help you learn more about the game of golf by watching the best players in the world.

He is listed at 6’4″ and yet has one of the flattest swings of all professional players. When you watch the video you will see at the top of his backswing is hands are barely above his shoulders at the top of his swing. His hands are also outside his shoulders. There is no doubt that his swing is very different from how I tend to teach. If you compare his swing to the pictures on my site. It is another example of how there are many ways to get it done. The key is to understand how it is being done to improve your swing and consistency.

The best way to see how flat his swing is at the top of his backswing. Play the video and then pause it at that spot. Then draw a line along his left arm until it reaches the ground. You will see that the line extends well past the ball before it touches the ground. A lot of players try to get their left arm to point at the ball as this is called ‘on plane’.