Learn Pro Swings: Luke Donald

Luke Donald has got a serious amount of game. He is currently in the top ten in the world and on the European Ryder Cup team. He is such a consistent player. He is not very flashy, and he does not have a lot of wins…but he also does not make a lot of mistakes.

This video focuses on the short game. Most of this section covers the long game, but I can’t stress enough how important the short game is for scoring. If your swing is on and you have a great short game then you can shoot a career round. If your short game is on but your swing is off, then you can salvage what would otherwise be a brutal round for scoring.

I love the motion Donald makes in the this distance control wedge shot. I know that the video is titled ‘pitch’ but this is much more of a controlled wedge swing. He is playing a shot that is a shorter distance than a normal full swing with that club.