Kris Ruiter : Personal Golf Coach

Sports has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up playing everything. Hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis…just to name a few. I loved all my sports experiences. I was fortunate to have a university basketball career at Bishop’s University, where I was a co-captain of the 1998 CIAU National Championship team. This was a tremendous experience and where I truly learned the values of dedication, leadership, communication and a strong work ethic.

How did this affect my golf? Well, I was small for a power forward and I needed to know the game better than my opponents so that I could make up for the 2-4 inches and 20-30 pounds I gave up every game. I really enjoy learning the intricacies of a sport. It was this experience that gave me the confidence take my knowledge of golf to an even higher level. You will find my various sports experience will come through in my golf teaching. Most sports have a similar motion. Tennis, baseball, throwing a ball and golf all have a similar motion through the core of the body. I like to try and use sports people have played before to help them with their golf.

Kris Ruiter’s Family

There is only one thing in my life more important than golf and sports…and that is my family. I am married to the most wonderful wife and mother. My wife is just tremendous in taking care of our four beautiful girls. The things she teaches and does with them is astounding.

As the parents out there can probably attest to, it is just amazing seeing what your own kids can do. I am far more fascinated my children’s athletic ability than I am at my own sporting accomplishments.

My two older daughters have started to go to the driving range with me. We are very excited as they have made friends with another girl their age who likes to play. This has them very keen on going to hit balls and of course play some mini-golf with their friend. I can only hope that they continue to play and appreciate this beautiful game. If they have my passion for it that’s great…but I just hope they enjoy the game for a long, long time.

Anyways, enough about me. Let’s start working on your golf game to lower your scores.