Jordan Spieth Golf Swing Tips

How great a year has Jordan Spieth had in 2015?  Masters and US Open Champion, Fed Ex Cup Champion and PGA Tour Player of the Year.  I would say…awesome!!

Let’s take a look at a slo-motion video of his swing during a practice round at the 2015 Masters.  He does many good things that we can learn from.  Please understand that the objective is not to copy his swing exactly, as it is uniquely his own, but rather to enhance your own swing through his best attributes.

Jordan Spieth – Setup

I love his setup position.  It looks relaxed and athletic.  These are two keys to setting up for any golf shot.  If you have tension in your golf swing then it becomes much harder to have a free flowing golf swing.  It is only when you swing without tension will you be able to maximize your shot potential.

It is because of being free of tension that he is able to start his golf swing so smoothly.  The start of the backswing is so important to getting the golf swing on line.  Since this is heavily influenced by your setup position, you can see why Jordan’s helps him perform so well.

By keeping his body and arms relaxed you can see at the very start of the video he is able to make a subtle move toward the target before flowing into his back swing.  This can only be done without tension.

Key Tip: Struggle with tension?  Setup to your ball and then let your right hand fall off the club (right handed players). Now let it dangle as loose as possible and then without any tension put your hand back on the club.  Start your takeaway.

Another thing I like about his setup is how his arms fall straight down from his shoulders.  This is so important to help start your back swing on line.  Your hands will follow your shoulders, therefore if your hands are outside your shoulders, the tendency will be to pull them in too quickly and you club will also end up too far inside as well.

Jordan Spieth – Shoulders

I would watch Jordan Spieth’s shoulders through his whole golf swing.  More specifically I would watch his left shoulder on the way back and right shoulder on the downswing and follow through.

Left Shoulder

While watching the video above, if you can imagine a line drawn along his toes, watch how his left shoulder travels along this line during the entire back swing.  This keeps his swing on line and keeps his spine angle constant.  Very important for hitting great shots.

Key Tip: Do you push the ball?  Then be mindful of your lead shoulder drifting toward your ball on your back swing and not following your toe line.

Right Shoulder

Now watch as he starts his downswing and moves through the ball and into his follow through and finish.  You will notice that his right shoulder follows the same line.  This is perfect for strong contact and starting the ball on line.

Key Tip: Do you pull or slice the ball?  Then be mindful of your trailing shoulder moving toward your ball on the downswing.  This will cause you to com over the top and hot the pull slice.  Instead work on getting your trail shoulder to follow your toe line as long as possible through to your finish.

I hope you found this lesson on Jordan Spieth’s golf swing helpful for you game.