My Golf Tips on Video

Some work, some don’t. Even if the tip does work, most of the time it only works for a short period of time. It is tough to improve as a player when we are scrambling from tip to tip, hoping that the next one will work long enough to play a few career games.

Golf Instruction That Helps You Practice

I only like to use and offer “Tips” that are designed to help you practice to truly improve your game. My tips are really drills that coincide with the lessons that our posted on

Pictures vs Video

I must admit that I did not use video swing analysis with my students very often. Most of my players had not seen themselves on video before. It can be quite a shock to the system to see it for the first time. I always prefer to teach through drills and feel. I believe you can’t get feel from watching yourself on video. However, when a player knows his own swing really well or has an analytical/technical mind for learning then video is essential.

The videos in this section allow me to teach the various golf skills in the same way that I teach my students on the driving range. It gives me the opportunity to repeat what I think is important and truly demonstrate what you want to do when you are practicing.

The still picture drills and lessons allow you to really see the the different positions you want your body to get into when you are practicing. It lets you slow down the lesson to whatever pace you are able to learn at.

The combination of video and still pictures provides a more complete learning environment to help a player reach their golf goals sooner.

More Golf Drills

If you are looking for more of my golf drills then please have a look at the Golf Drills section of my site. It has drills for the full swing, short game and putting. You can find them by clicking the link below.

More Golf Drills to Reach Your Golf Goals