Golf Tips On Chipping

Chipping is a key shot to understand and be able to execute during your games of golf. The pros rarely hit 18 greens in regulation, meaning giving themselves 18 birdie putts. Billy Horschel pulled it off in the second round of the 2013 US Open.  USGA officials were debating whether the feat had ever been accomplished before in the 100+ year history of the event. Therefore, it does not happen very often for the professionals!  Making chipping that much more important.

We of course have a tendency to hit a couple more crooked shots than the touring pros. Therefore, being able to chip the ball is vital to scoring your best everyday you step onto the course.

Golf Tips On Chipping : The Pros

Get Up and Down More Often – Score From Everywhere

You know what makes the pros so good? I mean besides working on their games everyday and being extremely gifted? It is their ability to still score despite their rhythm of their golf swing being off. It happens to every player, where you just don’t have your swing that day…but you still want to score. That is where Golf Tips On Chipping and the short game comes in.

How many times have you seen Tiger Woods hit it all over the golf course and still shoot sub-70? It looks like he is going to shoot 80, but he chips and putts his way to a sub par round. Amazing!

Golf Tips On Chipping : The Rest Of Us

Now… we may never be able to hit tee shots like him, or some of the other power players. But, we can develop our chipping so that it is very close to their talent. Do you know why? Because it does not take power to hit this shot, so we can all become very good at it.

These golf lessons for chipping are designed to help you achieve your golf playing goals, even when your swing is a little off. They can also send you to a new career low score.

Maybe you need a par on the 18th hole to score your career low, and being a little nervous you mis-hit your approach shot just short of the green. Now you need to get ‘Up and Down’. One chip and one putt will get you your score. Use these lessons so that you will be comfortable over that chip shot so that you can hit it as close to the hole as possible.

Okay…grab your clubs and let’s work on your chipping and then get out and play!