Golf Tips For Chipping Distance Control

This is the Chipping Distance Control Lesson. These Golf Tips For Chipping are designed to help you get the ball close to the hole every time.  The beauty of golf is that almost every shot is unique.  You never truly get the same chip shot twice.  Understanding how to adjust for each shot is key to success.

Whether it’s an iron shot into a green or any chip, pitch or putt…distance control is vital. You can’t get the ball close to the hole without hitting it with the right amount of power. Let’s work on developing a system that will give you the best opportunity to hit your shot the right distance almost every time.

Fortunately there is a system that allows you to develop this skill. Your scores will drop quickly once you get the hang of this concept.

If you have played other sports, like tennis, baseball even running, if you want more power you hit harder or run faster.  You change your speed.  However, in golf, changing speed is leads to inconsistency.  Inconsistent contact and inconsistent distance control.


The secret to distance control is keeping your speed consistent and varying the length of your swing.  Not faster and slower, but longer and shorter.  Longer chips need longer chip swing and shorter chips need shorter chip swings. It is the same concept as putting.

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In order to develop, what is often is referred to as ‘touch’, use the following steps…

Golf Tips For Chipping #1 :
Setting Up The Drill

  • You will need a minimum of 5 golf balls.
  • Put the ball you want to hit on the ground.
  • Set up the other balls in pairs. You will want to place each pair so that they are the same distance on each side of the ball.

Golf Tips For Chipping #2 : The Short Chip

In order to hit a short chip shot…

  • Take your backswing to the first ball you have on the ground.
  • Swing through the shot.
  • Stop your follow through at the first ball on the other side of the ball.
  • Having a back swing and follow through that are the same helps keep your rhythm during the shot.
  • Having a stroke that is not the same length on both sides of the ball, is almost impossible to judge for distance. It can also lead to poor contact.

Golf Tips For Chipping #3 : The Long Chip

In order to hit a long chip shot…

  • Take your back swing to the second ball.
  • Swing through the shot.
  • Stop your follow through at the second ball on the target side.
  • Remember to maintain your rhythm through the shot. This means to maintain the same speed on the back swing and follow through.

Notice how the ball traveled different distances just by varying the length of your stroke. This is by far the easiest way to judge your distance on a consistent basis.

The more you practice and use this technique the easier it will be to judge distance and get the ball closer to the hole.

Thank you for reading the Chipping Distance Control Lesson. The next lesson in the chipping series is Chipping Club Selection. It will help you choose the right club for a variety of situations you will face during the rounds of golf you will play.