Golf Swing Posture: Player Q&A;

Question: Good Golf Swing Posture?



I love this type of question. This is a great question because it gets to the fundamentals of playing great golf. I know this becomes a broken record but…everyone needs great fundamentals which includes great golf swing posture. In fact everyone can be the best in the world when it comes to grip, stance, posture and alignment.

Since I am a couple of inches taller than this person I can appreciate his question. However, this answer is by no means restricted to the taller player. It is simply a system/method to get into the proper golf swing posture to hit a good golf shot.

What is golf swing posture? Simply put, it is the positions of our body when we address the golf ball. It is how we stand the moment before we hit our shot.

So what is great golf swing posture? It is creating positions/angles in our body that allow us to maximize the effectiveness of the turn in our backswing. Great posture also helps us stay in these positions throughout our swing so that we have less moving parts. I am a big believer in eliminating unnecessary movement in the golf swing and great posture is incredibly helpful in attaining this goal.

Now before we start into the routine, let’s talk about flexibility. It is fairly common knowledge that flexibility is a big part golf. This does not mean you need the flexibility of a Cirque de Soleil acrobat. However, if you have tight hamstrings, hip flexers and lower back then it can and will hinder your ability to get into a great golf posture.

The Routine

When someone is learning the address position and practicing their golf swing posture I like to teach it from a fully upright position. This is key because of proper weight distribution in the feet and sequencing.

  1. Start by standing straight up without a club. We will add the club later. You will want to stand as tall as possible. Legs and back completely straight and your arms hanging down by your side.
  2. Stand so that your weight is even between your feet, both right and left, and front and back.
  3. Place your hands on your hips with your thumbs pointing to the ground. This a yoga trick to help keep your back straight.
  4. Pop your knees out of their locked position. This will give a little flex in the knees, but not so much that your knees end up out past your toes.
  5. Now here is the funny part about a proper golf setup…stick your butt backwards. This does two very important things:
    • It helps keep your weight balanced over your entire foot from front to back. Golf is not a game played on our toes or our heels. It needs to be played with even weight distribution. Too much weight front or back and it will throw our balance off during the swing.
    • It creates an angle between our legs and our back/core. This is key because it makes it easier to turn the shoulders on your backswing. It also helps create space for our arms to swing through at impact. If we create a good angle at address, it is easier to maintain during the swing and into impact.
  6. From this position let your arms hang freely from your shoulders. They should fall tension free directly below your shoulders.
  7. Now repeat this setup routine many many times. Then take a club and do the same routine, over and over again.


There are a few checkpoints you can look at in the mirror. The first is that your shoulders should be over your your knees and your knees should be over your toes. Mirrors are great for golf because they give you instant feedback. You can also take dry-erase markers and mark the mirror with specific points of importance. For instance, get setup properly and then have someone mark your head level, a vertical line marking the back of your butt, a vertical line for your knees and a angled line up your spine. These markers will help you practice your routine so that it becomes a perfect habit. It is also a good idea to leave the points there so you can go back to them whenever you need a posture refresh (usually every 2-3 weeks).

There is a great way to practice this routine at home to ensure you are getting into the proper golf swing posture position.

Stand in a regular size doorway with the door fully open. Place your feet so that you are straddling the opening such that your heels are a few inches from the doorframe behind you.

Stand straight up and follow the aforementioned setup routine. The key to the doorframe is that it will give you a point of reference for sticking your butt backwards. It will also keep you from bending at the waist too much and getting you weight out over your toes. If you do you will bump your head on the doorframe.

Remember, no matter how tall you are, you want to feel tall in your setup. If you feel crouched and confined then you will need to review the setup routine to get into a better golf swing posture.

I hope you found this lesson helpful to your game. Good luck with your practicing and playing. I hope you achieve your golf goals sooner.