Golf Stance Tip For Chipping

It is very important to setup to any shot correctly. This lesson is a golf stance tip for chipping to help you setup correctly every time. A good solid setup position is key to crisp consistent contact.  Great contact will help you hit your short game shots closer to hole much more often. This in turn will give you shorter putts for your next shot. A shorter putt is easier to hole, and that will help you lower your scores.

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The setup position for chipping can be broken down into 5 easy steps.  You can use these steps to develop a routine as that makes it easier to setup the same way every time.

Golf Stance Tip For Chipping #1 :
Club Down First

  • Take your grip.
  • The key to any setup is to place your club head behind the ball before you set your body into position. This is the only way to be sure that you are aiming correctly. The chip shot in particular relies heavily on proper aiming. You are trying to get the ball as close to hole as possible.
  • When you put your club on the ground keep your feet together. This is a little trick that will allow you to keep your focus on aiming your golf club first.

Golf Stance Tip For Chipping #2 :
Spread Your Feet

  • Keep your club in it’s position and spread your feet so they your heels are no more than 6 inches apart. You can be less than 6 inches if that is more comfortable for you, however you should not go wider that.
  • A narrow stance naturally makes your swing a little steeper. This is good for chipping because it helps ensure a downward strike on the golf ball. A downward strike is the only way to make good contact.
  • You should have plenty of balance because the swing is so short and you don’t need a lot of power.

Golf Stance Tip For Chipping #3 :
Open Your Feet And Hips

Now that your feet are spread so that your heels are only about 6 inches apart…

  • Slide your left foot away from the ball. If you drew a line along your heels it would point away from your target line. This is called an open position, and will help you your chip shots on line and with good contact.
  • Now stand up so that your legs are straight. Then bend you knees slightly, so that if you look straight down you shouldn’t be able to see the laces of your golf shoes.
  • Your hips should also follow your feet. They need to work together, so they must be aligned together.
  • Now that you have bent your knees, you will want to push your butt backwards. This creates a nice bend from your hips, and helps gives you great balance. I know it sounds funny, but is is vital to a great setup.
  • Notice how you how straight your lower back is? This creates room for your arms to swing freely.

Golf Stance Tip For Chipping #4 :
Square Your Shoulders

  • Now that your club, hips, and feet are set…finish off your setup by keeping your shoulders square.
  • Square shoulders helps make your backswing go straight back along the target line. This is very important for hitting your chips on line.
  • If your shoulders are open like your hips, then your club will swing outside the target line and you will end up cutting across the ball at impact. That will definitely lead to inconsistent chipping.

Golf Stance Tip For Chipping #5 :
The Full Setup

  • You need to lean some of your weight onto your left foot. Just enough so that you feel a little pressure on that foot. The idea is that if you preset your weight during your setup, it will never have to move during your chipping stroke.
  • This part of the setup truly simplifies your stroke, and makes it much easier to be consistent. Less movement means more consistent contact.
  • Your ball should be positioned in between your heels. For more details on ball position for chipping, please see the Chipping Ball Position Lesson.
  • The final piece to the chipping setup is to make sure your hands are slightly ahead of the ball. If you were to let go of your club, the grip end of your club should rest on the inside of your leg.

If you follow the steps you will develop a rock solid chipping setup position. This setup will help you hit great chip shots, so that you can save yourself a few strokes on your game.

Thank you for reading the Chipping Setup Lesson. The next lesson in the chipping series will be the Chipping Ball Position Lesson. It will emphasize the importance of placing your ball properly within your great chipping stance to ensure crisp contact.