Golf Short Irons Strategy

If you have a solid golf short irons strategy it will help you execute all your great practice on the golf course.  A well executed strategy will give you the best chance to lower your scores through great wedge play.

The first step is to understand how your ball reacts using different clubs. Take a few balls and all your wedges plus your 9-iron and 8-iron. Now make a 9 o’clock swing with each club. Watch the height each ball flies (trajectory).

Now take the same clubs and pick a distance that is not too far so that it is a full swing for any of your clubs. Now try and land the ball at that distance with each one of your clubs.

You will notice that your shortest swing will come from your longest club and your longest swing from your shortest. Take note of how low the ball flight is with your longest club and how high it is with the shortest. Also, note how much more roll there is with the longer clubs.

This is all very important information to help build your golf short irons strategy.

Golf Short Irons Strategy – Play to 9 o’clock distance

Once you know your distances of your wedges with the 9 o’clock swing you can start playing to those distances on the course.

Golf is a lot like playing pool, it is all about the leave. The ‘leave’ is where you leave your ball after the shot. The better the leave the easier the next shot.

If you face a shot where you know you can’t reach the green then you can choose to hit your shot to one of your 9 o’clock distances. This would be a great leave.

It allows you stand over the next shot with more confidence because you already know the length of swing for that distance.

Golf Short Irons Strategy – Hole Location 

The hole location influences strategy by playing a factor in your leave from the previous shot and club and swing length on the distance control shot.

Front Pin 

If you are facing a front pin location then you will want to choose a club with more loft and use a longer swing. This will cresate a shot with a higher trajectory and a softer landing with less roll.

Key tip: When playing this shot, maintain your tempo and come to a full finish on your follow through.

Back Pin

When playing to a back pin you can take the high road or the low road. You can take more club with a shorter swing a fly it in lower or take a shorter club with a longer swing and flight it in higher.

The shot selection depend on a number of factors such as wind, green shape, green conditions, hazards and your comfort.

Key tip: Play your shot to the landing zone with the biggest margin for error.

If the green is wider in the middle and narrower at the back then play a lower flight shot to land in the middle and skip the ball back to the hole. The same could apply for a back pin placement in windy conditions and hard fast greens.

If the greens are soft, you generate sufficient spin and you are confident you can hit your yardage then flight it in high and stop it quick. Throw darts.

Golf Short Irons Strategy – Constant Learning

Key tip: Always remember, there are many different ways to play any given shot. Pick one, be confident in your choice and do your best to hit your yardage.

Every time you are faced with one of these shots it is a great learning opportunity. The best players learn from every shot they take…we should too.

Key tip: Every time you hit one of these shots, hold your finish until your ball lands. This is the best way for your brain and body to associate the swing you made with the result. Best way to learn.

Good luck with your practicing and playing. Executing a sound golf short irons strategy will lead to lower scores.