Golf Short Irons Setup

The golf short irons setup is very important to hitting solid approach shots consistently. Consistent contact leads to better distance control which is key to scoring.

Everyone is capable of having world class fundamentals.  This includes a great setup for approach shots.  With a little practice you can build a solid routine for a great setup.  It does take practice, and has to be practiced regularly.  If you do, then the benefit is that you will be giving yourself the best chance to hit great approaches closer to the hole.

Golf Short Irons Setup: Step One

It is always a good idea to create a routine to setup for any golf shot. A routine is repeatable, therefore if it is sound then you can be confident in your setup.

To start, always put your club down behind your ball and aimed down your target line. This is key for establishing proper alignment.

Players often establish their body first and then put their club down in relation to their target. If you do this, you are likely throwing off your aim.

Key tip: Put your club down with your feet together. It is a great reminder that body follows the club.

Golf Short Irons Setup: Step Two

Once your club is down set your stance width so that the outsides of your feet are about shoulder width apart. Or, so that there are only 4-5 inches between your heels.

Your ball position should be right between your heels.

Golf Shorts Irons Setup: Step Three

Now stand straight up with your legs straight, back straight and your elbows at your sides with your arms straight.

Pop your knees so that there is a little flex. If you look straight down your knees should cover your shoe laces. You don’t want to look down and see your knees hiding your feet. That would be too much knee flex.

Golf Short Irons Setup: Step Four

Now push your butt back so that it is just behind your heels and put your club back on the ground and aiming down your target line.  This will give you a great spine angle and and bend from the hips.

Key tip: You really want to feel like you are bending from your hip sockets and not your waist. It is a subtle but very important distinction. Bending from your waist will not produce as good an angle between your legs and back.

Your arms should hang straight down from your shoulders. This helps start your backswing on line. Your hands should start just ahead of the ball. This is important because it is how you want to strike the ball. If you start there it is easier to return to that position at impact.

When you are finished your set up if you were to let go of your club the grip end would hit the inside of your lead leg.

Your weight should be evenly distributed between your feet. However, if you are playing a shot with less than a 9 o’clock swing then you can lean a little extra weight to your target side. The key to pre-setting your weight is that you are simulating your impact position and you should leave your weight there through your backswing and impact.

I hope you found this helpful. Good luck with your practicing and playing.