Golf Sand Shot Lessons

The Golf Sand Shot: The Easiest Shot in Golf?

How many times have you read that in a magazine? Well…its sort of true. The reality is that a sand shot actually gives us the largest margin of error of any shot we will play in golf. However, for most players it is absolutely terrifying. So…technically…yes it is one of the easiest shots there is. But’s not because of our approach to playing a bunker shot. We first have to change our view about being in the sand.

The best way to do that is take the following lessons to build your confidence in the sand. It is amazing what this will do to your whole game. It will actually help your iron play because you won’t be so worried about hitting into the sand because you know you will be able to get out of it.

The #1 Golf Sand Shot Rule: Don’t Hit the Ball

This is where our trouble in the sand starts. Players will get into the sand and have the wrong mindset. They try to hit the ball to get out, but this leads to all kinds of trouble. The most important concept to understand about playing a golf sand shot is…DO NOT HIT THE BALL! I know it sounds strange…you spend so much time hitting the ball, and now I’m telling you not to. To hit a sand shot properly you want to…HIT THE SAND. Your club must contact the sand about two inches behind the ball so that your club slides under the ball. Truly speaking it is the sand that pushes your ball out of the trap so that it lands softly on the green.

As you can see in the picture above, the sand will actually push the ball out of the bunker and onto the green.

Basic Sand Trap Rule

In the Rules of Golf there is a rule about the sand that must be followed at all times. A sand trap/bunker is a hazard. In a hazard a player is not allowed to touch anything with their club until they are making impact on their shot. Players are not allowed to test the conditions of the hazard (sand in this case). If you do it is a two stroke penalty. Please don’t touch the sand before your shot.

Sand Lesson Method

Please keep this in mind as you use these lessons. It is very important in order for you to develop your sand play. Take each lesson in order so that you can truly become an escape artist from the sand. It is so much fun to hit a great recovery shot from the sand. A ‘sandy’ (a shot from the bunker followed by holing a putt) will certainly help you save shots on your scorecard.

So let’s grab your sand wedge and help you reach your golf goals…