Golf Rescue Clubs & Hybrid Golf Lessons

One of the best technology breakthroughs in golf in the last 20 years has been the invention of the golf rescue clubs/hybrids. Instead of struggling with long iron shots (2,3 &4), the hybrids allow players to hit the ball higher and farther more consistently.

The technology behind hybrid golf clubs is quite amazing. It is really all about lowering the center of gravity in the club. When you lower the center of gravity then you increase the launch angle of the golf ball coming off the club face at impact. By increasing the launch angle it makes it much easier to hit the ball higher and get more carry distance.

There is certainly nothing wrong with traditional long irons. The problem is that many players don’t have the club head speed necessary to hit them high enough so that they are effective. They may hit them solid but they fly so low that there is really no advantage. Even if they hit the green the ball will bounce and skip over the green. The higher ball flight will help hit longer shots, but also make it easier to hold the green.

I certainly recommend putting one or two in your bag. I currently carry one, the PING Anser 20 degree, which is like a 2 iron/5 wood.  I still have the club head speed and have always been a high ball hitter, therefore I have kept my 3 and 4 iron. However, if you find that you are not getting the height then I would suggest putting in a 3 and 4 hybrid. You can even go to a 5 hybrid. After that I would stick to the irons. The shorter irons (6-pitching wedge) do provide more spin and control around the greens than their hybrid counterparts.

This six lesson series focuses on the key positions in the backswing and follow through. Mastering these check points will increase your distance and accuracy. A repeatable golf swing is what gives you consistency to play your best in both tournament and friendly golf games.