A Free Golf Putting Lesson

This is the Putting Pre-shot Routine Lesson. This Golf Putting Lesson is designed to help you develop a strong routine so that even if you are feeling little nervous about the shot at hand, your routine will help you settle into the shot and feel as comfortable as possible.

If you have a routine to follow before every shot, you are going to give yourself the best opportunity to hit a great shot. Also, you are not going to waste time on the course. Keeping up pace of play is very important whether you are new to the game, or a grizzled veteran. If you follow a solid routine you will always know what you are doing next, so you won’t slow down the game.

Golf Putting Lesson #1 :
Walking To The Green

  • Survey the green as a whole…you are looking for the low points. I like to think of where the water would flow off the green. The ball will break towards the low spots…so get a feel for where they are.
  • Is the green wet? Dry? Is the grass brown compared to the other greens? This will help you get a feel for the speed. If it is different from the other greens.
  • A couple of other tricks the old pros will tell you…the ball will break towards water and away from mountains. Paying attention while walking up to the green with water or if you are playing a mountain course allows you to find your bearings to those elements.
  • When you get to your ball, mark it with a coin so that you can clean the ball and get it out of the other players way.

Golf Putting Lesson #2 : Reading The Break

  • As long as you are not in the other players way, read your putt while they are putting. The number one rule for keeping up pace of play is to be ready to hit your shot when it is your turn. Preparing for your shot while the others are putting saves lots of time.
  • When reading your putt you are simply looking for the slopes in the grass. (see Breaking Putts Lesson)
  • Try to figure out where you need to hit your putt so that it will end up at the hole.
  • Another trick is to find a color blemish on the green on the line you want to start your putt, so that you can aim at something that is closer to you. It is easier to aim at something 3 feet away as opposed to 25 feet away.

Golf Putting Lesson #3 : Replacing Your Ball

  • This is a fairly simple task right? Just put the ball down. Well, there is a way that can be helpful in making more putts. Nothing in this game should be done randomly. Everything should have a purpose.
  • Since you are allowed to put a line on your golf ball, use it to help you aim along your target line.
  • Squat behind your coin that you marked your ball with…then align the line on your ball along your target line. Use your reference point from the previous step to make it easier to line up the ball along your target line.

Golf Putting Lesson #4 : Practice Strokes

  • After replacing your ball, stand up and place your putter head beside the ball so that you can take a couple of practice strokes without hitting the ball.
  • Remember…everything has a purpose. Give your practice strokes a purpose. You want your strokes to give you feedback.
  • I always let my eyes follow the line of the putt as I make my practice strokes. I keep making strokes until, in my mind I see the ball fall into the hole.
  • This will help you get a feel for the speed that the ball will be going during the putt.
  • You will be able to get a good feel for how long a stroke you will need to control your distance.
  • It’s great to be able to “see” your putt before you actually hit it. This routine allows you to do that most effectively.

Golf Putting Lesson #5 : Hit The Putt!!

  • As soon as you are finished your practice strokes, move your putter head behind the ball.
  • Place your putter behind the ball so that your alignment aid on your putter lines up with the line you made on your golf ball.
  • After placing the club down first, place your body into position next.
  • Take one last look at where you want to hit your putt and then…HIT THE PUTT!!
  • Don’t wait. The sooner you can hit your putt after your practice strokes the better.

You will probably be surprised how little time this takes once you get the hang of the routine. It should be less than 30 seconds. There are two key ways to keep up your pace of play. First, be ready to hit when it is your turn. Second, take fewer shots. This routine should help you accomplish both these tasks.

Thank you for reading the Putting Pre-shot Routine Lesson. If you have been following the Putting Lessons in order this is the final lesson in the Golf Putting Lesson series. Please review the lessons as you need them to stay on top of your putting.

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Good luck with your game. May you reach your golf goals sooner with the help of