Golf Putting Instruction for Your Set Up and Stance

This is the Putting Setup Lesson. This golf putting instruction is designed to help you position your club and your body properly so that you can make a good stroke and make more putts.

Putting is very personal. There are many ways to get the job done. The best players and putters in the game have all done it slightly differently. Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Loren Roberts, and Arnold Palmer all putt differently. However, they have key similarities that allow all of them to be successful.


Golf Putting Instruction Step #1:
Grip and Club

  • Take your grip. It is always a good idea to take your grip before you approach your ball. That way you always have a time to make sure you take your grip properly.
  • Click Here To Review The Putting Grip
  • Place you club behind the ball. This guarantees that you are aiming the club first. This is critical for proper alignment
  • Don’t worry about placing your feet or body during step one. They will follow the position of your club.

Golf Putting Instruction Step #2:
Feet and Hips

  • Once your club is in place behind the ball.
  • Pretend there is a line from the ball to the target.(target line) Please note: your target line will not always be at the hole. In the next picture there was a small right to left break, so my target line aims just of the hole.
  • Spread your feet so that the outside edges of your feet are shoulder width apart. This will give you good balance. You can go a little wider or even a little narrower…if that is more comfortable for you.
  • Pretend there is a line along your heels. This line should be parallel to your target line. You are now in a square, or straight position.
  • Your hips and knees should follow your heel line and be parallel. For more details please see the Putting Alignment Lesson.

Golf Putting Instruction Step #3:
Bend Knees and Hips

  • You want a slight bend in your knees so that if you were looking straight down you would not be able to see the laces of your golf shoes.
  • Once your knees are bent properly, stick your butt backwards. This will give you great balance over your entire foot. It also helps keep your lower back straight. This is a healthy and effective way to stand for a putt.

Golf Putting Instruction Step #4:
Square Shoulders

  • Very important!!! Make sure your shoulders are parallel to the target line also. This is key to the path your putter will take during your swing. If your shoulders are in the right position then you putter will swing straight along the target line.
  • If your shoulders angle away from your target line then your putter will travel outside the target during the backswing. It will then cut across the ball as it finishes to the inside of the target line. More often than not you will miss your putts to the left.
  • If your shoulders angle toward your target line then your putter will go to the inside on the way back and push to the outside on the way through. You will most of these to the right of your target.

A couple of Helpful Hints:

  • Keep your eyes over the target line. They can be right over the ball or slightly behind. So long as they are on the target line. This helps see the line better for your putt.
  • A little test is to set up for your putt and then drop a second ball from the bridge of your nose. This will show you where your eyes are in relation to your target line. You want to drop the ball so that it falls directly on top of the ball on the ground.
  • Your hands should be under your shoulders. This helps you make a nice stroke along the target line. Too far inside or outside and you will cut across the target line and your ball.

Golf Putting Instruction Step #5: Final Setup

  • Your ball position should be slightly ahead of the middle of your heels.
  • Your hands should be even to slightly ahead of the ball.
  • Notice how your arms and shoulders form a nice triangle. This will be very important for the Putting Stroke Lesson.

Thank you for reading the Putting Setup Lesson. If you would like to continue the Putting Lessons in order then please go to the Putting Alignment Lesson next.