Golf Pitch Shot Trajectory Lesson

This is the Golf Pitch Shot Trajectories Lesson. Every shot you play in golf will have some creativity. When you are faced with hitting a pitch shot, the game is calling on your creativity. You can play this type of shot in so many different ways.

The fun part is choosing and executing the right way so that you can hit your ball as close to the hole as possible. This lesson is to demonstrate the basics of this creativity. You will see how the same back swing, with different finish positions can create different results. This is a very important part of pitching, and the more practice and experience you get the more creative you can be.

Golf Pitch Shot Tip #1 : The Back Swing

  • In the sequence of pictures for this lesson the back swing always remains the same.
  • Swing the club back so that it is parallel to the ground.
  • Please see Pitch Swing Lesson for more details on the actual swing.

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The following pictures show different finish positions. What you are really going to work on is hitting pitch shots with different trajectories. This means being able to vary the height that you hit your shots with the same club. This is a great skill to have. You will have a much better short game once you understand and can use this concept.

The concept for hitting the different trajectories is quite simple.

  • To hit a low shot…finish your swing low.
  • Medium…medium.
  • High shot…high finish.

Golf Pitch Shot Tip #2 : The Short Finish

  • Your ball will fly lower in the air.
  • Will have more speed to roll farther on the green.
  • Great for long pitch shots with lots of room for the ball to roll.
  • Your hands should finish about waist high with your arms fully extended. Notice how the triangle in your arms and shoulders is still intact.

Golf Pitch Shot Tip #3 : The Medium Finish

  • Your ball will fly higher than using the Short Finish.
  • Your ball will land a little softer and roll a little less.
  • A very general rule of thumb for gaging this shot is the distance covered in the air and on the ground is divided in half. 50% in the air…50% on the ground.
  • Great for standard pitch shots. You could use the Medium Finish to fly over a bunker so long as the hole was not cut to close to the edge of the green.
  • Your hands should finish about chest high…with your arms extended in your triangle.

Golf Pitch Shot Tip #4 : The High Finish

  • Your ball will fly very high and land very softly.
  • When you hit this shot properly you will have very little roll after it lands on the green.
  • Great for hitting over water and sand, when the hole is very close to the edge of the green.
  • Only the cut lob technique will hit the ball higher and land softer than this shot.
  • Your hands should finish shoulder high with your chest facing your target. The high shot may cause you to have a little forward weight shift. This is only caused by the full follow through. The momentum will carry your weight forward a little. You can see my right heel being pulled off the ground.

Golf Pitch Shot Tip #5 : Toss The Ball

For every pitch shot you face on the course, you should ask yourself one question…

“How would I throw the ball under hand to get the ball close to the hole?”

Use this as a swing thought when hitting your shots of different heights. If you are a right handed golfer, then toss the ball under hand with your right hand. Notice how your palm goes higher for a higher throw. This is the same for hitting pitch shots. The higher the pitch shot the higher you should feel your right palm going towards the sky. This will maintain the loft on your club through impact so that the ball will go higher in the air and land softer with less roll. If you play left handed, follow the same exercise and toss the ball with your left hand.

Thank you for taking the Pitch Shot Trajectories Lesson. The next lesson in the Golf Pitching Series is the Shot Selection Lesson. This lesson will help you decide when to play the different trajectories you have just learned.