Golf Instruction for Putting

My Golf Instruction for Putting helps give you a chance to make them all. It is such an awesome feeling when a putt falls in. I have seen players of mine make their first par or shoot their career best by holing a great putt. Have you had that experience? Isn’t it awesome?!

What goal would do you want to accomplish with a holed putt? My golf putting tips can help you reach your golf goals.

What is a Great Putt?

Putting really is the simplest motion in golf. It is the shortest, easiest stroke to make. There really very few moving parts. However, putting can drive players crazy. There is not much to it, but hitting a great putt does not always mean it will go in the hole.

The key thing to remember about putting is that if you start your ball on line and with the speed you wanted to hit it, then you have hit a great putt regardless if it went in the hole. The more often you hit your putts with the line and speed you wanted, the more often the ball will have a great chance to go in.

These lessons will help you get the ball rolling the way you wanted much more often.

A Great Place to Start

In my clinics I always start on the green with putting tips and then work my way back to the tee shot. This is especially important for a beginner. We can really build a solid golf foundation if we start with putting. For the more experienced player putting is usually the quickest way to lower your scores. My free putting lessons will help make you a more consistent putter. No more three putts, making more 3-5 footers, and dropping the occasional bomb will always help the scorecard.

Putting Facts

A few interesting stats to show you how important putting is to your score.

  • Golf was designed to be 50% long shots and 50% putting
  • Reality –  ~40% of your shots in a game are putts
  • Tour pros make ~98% of 3-4 footers, amateurs make ~75%
  • Tour pros make ~60% of 6 foot putts, amateurs make ~40%
  • Tour pros make ~12% from 20 feet, amateurs make ~2%

Try my Golf Instruction For Putting to help shrink the gap between your game and that of the best players of the world. Not everyone can hit 300 yard tee shots down the fairway…but anyone can beat a tour pro in a putting contest.

So…let’s work on your putting to help you become a tour quality putter.