Golf Etiquette Lessons

Golf Etiquette Tip #1 : Dress Code

All golf courses have different standards of dress code. Remember, it is your responsibility to inquire before your starting time as to what the expectations of dress code are for the golf course you will be playing.

If you are unable to acquire this information in advance, it is always better to err on the side of caution. Collared shirts and trousers (not jeans!) are always a safe bet for men. Collared shirts and knee length skirts or shorts are generally accepted for women.

Golf Etiquette Tip #2 : Basic Rules

Knowledge of the basic rules of golf is a must before you head out onto the golf course. Things like when it is your turn to play, where you may tee your ball, and how to count your score are essential basics that you want to know before you play.

If you were unable to obtain this information before your first game, make sure your ask your playing partners what to do if you are not sure. This is far better than doing something wrong and irritating the members of your group.

Golf Etiquette Tip #3 : Respect For The Golf Course

If you are a guest at a private golf course, this is an absolute must if you ever want to be invited back. You must be aware of the places on the golf course that require more attention than others.

The most important places to be respectful are around the greens and tees. The grass is shortest here and the most vulnerable. Replacing divots and fixing ball marks are probably the most important. Raking sand traps and walking carefully on the greens are a close second.

Etiquette Tip #4 : Pace Of Play

Nothing takes the enjoyment out of golf like slow play. Playing quickly does not mean that you have to rush. Simply being ready to play when it is your turn, marking your scores on the tees and not on the greens, and playing the appropriate tee blocks for your ability level can make a huge difference in how long your round will take to complete.

If you are just starting to play golf, you may want to limit yourself to a maximum of ten shots per hole. Once you reach your maximum, pick your ball up and drop it on the green so you can finish out the hole without holding up the other golfers on the golf course.

Etiquette Tip #5 : Respect For The Other Golfers

Golf is a game that requires a players full concentration. It is therefore important that you remain quiet and stand still when your playing partners are hitting their shots. Although golf can be a very frustrating game at times, wild displays of rage and disappointment are generally frowned upon.

If you are playing early in the morning, or late in the day, you should also be aware of where your shadow is. If it interferes with another players shot, it can be very distracting.