Your First Golf Driving Lesson

Welcome to the first Golf Driving Lesson of this series. This is phase one of the backswing. This lesson is designed to help you take the club back until it is parallel to the ground. It is a very important lesson as getting into the proper position at this stage of the swing is critical for helping you make an effective backswing.

If you watch golf on TV you will see many different swings out there. Every player has there own subtle differences that makes their swing unique to them…just look at Jim Furyk or Bubba Watson!

However, even with all the differences out there, all the great players get to the position that is the focus of this lesson. They may get there slightly differently…but the point is that they get there. If you are out of position at phase one…you will most likely be out of position for the rest of your swing. So let’s work on getting your club into position when it is parallel to the ground to hit some nice long tee shots.