Golf Chipping Instruction For Alignment

This is the Chipping Alignment Lesson. This golf chipping instruction is designed to help you aim at your target properly. It is a critical part of chipping because you could have the best stroke in the world but if you can’t aim then you will not get your ball close to the hole.

You need good chipping to help you lower your scores. In order to have good chipping, you need good alignment. Let’s work on taking your great chipping setup position and adding in proper alignment so that you can hit you chips shots as close to the hole as possible. Maybe you will even hole a few…


The Strings…

  • The string over my club is called the target line. It is showing the line from my ball to my target. It is critical that my club is aiming straight down this line so that I can hit my shot towards my target.
  • The string over my feet is my body line. I set up in an open position with my feet and hips. Therefore, the string is not parallel to the target line, but rather aiming away to the left of it.

Golf Chipping Instruction #1 :
Place Your Club

  • Take your grip.
  • Make sure your hands are properly placed on your club before you do anything else.
  • Place your club behind the ball aiming straight towards your target. You always want to place your club before your body. This is the only way to ensure proper alignment.
  • Keep your feet together, so that all your concentration is on placing your club properly.
  • A little trick that helps, especially with longer chips, is to find a mark on the green that is on your target line. The closer the mark is to your ball the better, because it is easier to aim at something that is a few feet in front of you rather than 20 plus yards away.

Golf Chipping Instruction #2 :
Open Hips And Feet

  • The next step is to place your body relative to your club.
  • Start with you feet and work your way up.
  • Your feet are going to be in an open position, so your heels are going to aim away from the target line.
  • Your hips will follow your feet and aim away from the target line.
  • Make sure you keep your club facing your target line. Don’t let it move while you position your feet and hips.

Golf Chipping Instruction #3 :
Square Shoulders

  • Finish off your setup by making sure your shoulders are still square to the target line. This is very important to hitting your shots on target. If your shoulders follow your lower body you will miss left almost every time. See how my shoulders are parallel to the target line string? This will help with taking my club back straight during the chipping stroke, so that I can hit my chips on line.
  • Keep your feet and hips open. (aiming away from the target line)
  • Don’t let your club move. It’s position is the most important.

Aiming properly is critical to hitting great shots. When you practice, yous can simulate the strings I have used to illustrate the target line and heel line by using clubs. Put one behind your heels to show how it points away from your target line club which is in line with your ball. A partner can hold a club along your shoulder line to make sure it is parallel to your target line.

Thank you for reading the Chipping Alignment Lesson. The next lesson in the chipping series will be the Chipping Stroke Lesson. Before moving on to that lesson, please make sure you are comfortable with the Chipping Grip, Chipping Setup, Chipping Ball Position, and Chipping Alignment. You will not be able to take advantage of a great stroke without those four lessons.