Golf Basics For Ball Position

Welcome to the Golf Basics Ball Position Lesson for Short Irons (8-iron). There are many things that you need to take care of before you make your golf swing. Ball position is certainly one of those things. The better and more consistent your ball position is the easier it is to make good contact. It is one of those small yet important details.

If your ball position is too far back then your swing will be too steep and that will cause you too hang back. If your ball position is too far forward then you will have to shift too much or your club will come up to fast and you will hit your ball thin. So, let’s build a routine that will allow you to put your golf ball in the same place every time. These golf basics will give you the best opportunity to make solid contact every time.


Step One:
Feet Together

  • To be consistent with your ball position you always want to start with your feet together. This way you can move your feet almost the same distance every time and keep your ball position consistent.
  • Place your ball in between your toes. You always want to have the same starting point. This just keeps the process simpler.

Step Two:
The Logo System

  • In the picture I am wearing a golf shirt with a logo on my left side. This is important for basic ball position, as we will use this logo as a reference. If you don’t have a shirt with a logo, or are a left handed player, most logos sit a couple of inches in from your armpit. You can either imagine one in the proper place, or you could even put a sticker there to represent the logo to make it easier to practice.
  • You are going to line up your ball with the logo (or sticker) on your shirt. This is for all full swing shots. It does not matter what club you are using, the position will always be the same.
  • The only change you will see from the different ball position lessons is how wide your stance will be with the different clubs.

Step Three:
Move Your Left Foot First

  • No matter what club you are using, move your left foot into position first. You are going to move your left foot the same distance every time.
  • Move your left foot so the inside of your foot is in line with your armpit. This will make moving your right foot much easier because it will automatically line up your golf ball with your logo.
  • The beauty of this system is its simplicity. You should be able to repeat it every time you step up to a full swing shot.

Step Four:
Move Your Right Foot Next

  • After you move your right foot your golf ball will always be in line with your logo on your shirt. Even though your right foot moves different distances when you are using different clubs. To see the differences please go to the Hybrid Ball Position Lesson,and the Driver Ball Position Lesson, after you are finished.
  • Your 8-iron stance will have the inside edges of your feet in line with your armpits. For more details on stance width please see the Hybrid Stance Lesson.
  • This stance will put your ball only slightly ahead of the middle of your stance. This will help you hit your golf ball with a downward motion. I know that sounds strange, but that is the best way to hit a short iron shot. You want to hit your ball while your club is still on a downward path, so that it bottoms out after your golf ball. That is how we make great contact and then take a nice size divot afterward. This type of action will help you hit the ball farther, straighter, and with a lot more backspin to stop your ball on the green.

Thank you for taking the Golf Basics Ball Position Lesson for Short Irons. Ball position is often over looked and taken for granted, but is actually vital to good consistent ball striking. Please use the structure of this lesson so that you can develop a strong routine that will allow you to have the your ball properly positioned to hit great shots.

Good luck with your practicing and playing. May you ‘Play Your Golf Dreams’ sooner with the help of