The Golf Ball & How To Tee It Up

Welcome to the Teeing the Golf Ball Lesson. This lesson is designed to show you how to tee up your ball. It will show you the easiest way to tee up your ball, but also the different heights the tee should be based on the club you might be using. It is important to tee the ball up properly because you do it every hole you play. Again, this a simple yet over looked task that if done well can make contact much easier.

The First Rule of Tees:¬†ALWAYS USE A TEE!¬†Whether you are on a crazy long par 5 or a tiny par 3…always put your ball on a tee. It is the only time during the hole that your allowed to, so take advantage of that opportunity. Even when using any of your wedges…by putting the ball on a tee you guaranteeing yourself a perfect lie. This gives you the best opportunity to make solid contact.