Golf Ball Above Feet Lie

The golf ball above feet lie is a situation where it is difficult to control the flight of your shot. However, you can hit great shots from this lie with a small setup and swing adjustment.

This shot occurs when you have hit your shot onto a side slope and your ball is higher up the slope than your feet. The key to appreciating the difficulty of the golf ball above feet lie is that your ball is essentially closer to your face than normal.

The key thing to understand is that you will most likely hit a draw or hook depending on the severity of the lie and the club you are using.  Learn how to hit the shot solidly first, and then at the end of the lesson learn how to minimize the draw/hook spin.

Follow the steps below to improve your ball striking for the golf ball above feet lie.

Golf Ball Above Feet Lie Step 1 : Recognizing the Situation

  • As you can see from the picture your ball has landed on a side slope and your target line is straight across the slope.
  • When you take your stance your feet are lower down the slope than your golf ball.
  • Your ball flight will be a draw/hook because the slope makes your swing go more around your body.

Golf Ball Above Feet Lie Step 2 :  Club Selection

  • This all depends on your comfort level of the setup and technique.
  • You may hit these shots a little longer than normal due to the draw spin.
  • You likely need to take one club less in order to adjust for the difference.
  • It is important to understand that the longer the club the more draw spin you will put on the ball due to the steeper angle of the club face.

Golf Ball Above Feet Lie Step 3 : Setup Position and Alignment

  • The key to playing this shot is in the setup. A small yet important adjustment helps create much more consistent contact for purer shots.
  • If you stand into this shot as you normally would and took a swing, your balance would be too much over your heels. You would lose your balance and make a swing that is too flat. The tendency is to then re-route the club on the downswing and hit behind the ball. Your swing will be flatter due to the slope, but we can’t have it too flat.
  • Therefore, get a little more weight over the balls of your feet than normal and bring your hands down your grip. the more severe the slope the closer your hands should be to the shaft below the grip. This will help you keep your balance throughout your swing.
  • Your ball position should remain in the middle of your stance.
  • You will need to aim to the right of your target (right handed player).  You can see I am aimed at the left edge of the tree because I know the ball will turn to the left and land in the middle of the fairway.
  • You swing will be flatter so your club path will be inside-out creating draw spin on your golf ball.
  • Your club face will likely make impact with a closed club face and this will start the ball left (right handed players) of your intended target.

Golf Ball Above Feet Lie Step 4 : Takeaway

  • The most important aspect of the swing is to stay in balance.  Gravity is going to try and pull you down the hill.  Try to keep your weight even between the heels and toes of both feet.  You may feel like there is more on the balls of your feet.  That is good for this type of lie.
  • Start by turning your shoulders/chest away from the target with your arms and club at the same time.  If you only use your arms, your swing will get too steep and you will likely hit behind the ball.
  • Keep your right knee bent. If it straightens, it will allow more weight to get onto your right heel and you will likely lose your balance down the hill.
  • On a flat lie your hands should be in front of your chest at this point. However, you will likely feel that your hands are a little behind your back.  This is OK as it will allow your club to work with the slope.

Golf Ball Above Feet Lie Step 5 : Top of Backswing

  • Your swing will stay flat (I feel like how Matt Kuchar is on every shot).  You can see how my right elbow is very close to my body and my hands are barely level with my shoulders.  Two solid indications of a flat swing path.
  • Keep your right knee bent for balance.
  • Your hands and arms should stop the backswing as soon as your shoulders/chest stop turning.

Golf Ball Above Feet Lie Step 6 : Downswing

  • Start your downswing by driving your lower body towards your target while keeping your weight even from heel to toe.
  • Both knees are still bent.
  • Try and maintain the angle between your hips and your back (spine angle).  This will keep your head steady through the swing to help make clean.

Golf Ball Above Feet Lie Step 7: Impact

  • Continue to drive towards your target with your lower body.  Your back foot should roll towards your front foot with the outside edge of your shoe starting to peel off the ground.
  • Because I drove towards the target well I was able to keep the club face square (straight) at impact, which is why you can see my ball straight towards the left edge of the tree.
  • If your weight stays on your back foot, then the slope will cause your hands to roll over and you will strike the ball with a closed club face.  This plus the slope will cause your ball to start left and curve more left (for right handed players).
  • By rolling my foot towards the target, I also keep my weight even on my feet from heel to toe.

Golf Ball Above Feet Step 8 : Follow Through

  • Continue your swing into a well balanced follow through.
  • The ball started at the left edge of the tree on the right and finished in line with my hat.
  • Notice that my hips are fully rotated through the shot and are pointing towards the left side of the fairway.   If my hips had stopped rotating the club would have flipped over causing pull hook.

I hope you found this lesson very helpful.  May you reach your golf goals sooner with the help of