Golf Backswing Tips Q & A

Question: Golf Backswing Tips

I love your golf tip about turning in a back swing(using the wall and placing your hands on it) to help start the hip turn of your downswing and also to help lag your hands behind so they come off the wall at the same time.

What I noticed when I took this to the range is that I am in only about a 3/4 swing when i get to this position……when i take my club back fully, i lose the connection and pure contact.

Do you have any advice/tips/drills as to how I can turn this great drill of a 3/4 swing into a full swing?

Thank you in advance for your help and continue with your great work!!!

J.P. – USA


Thank you for sending in your great question and comments. It is much appreciated. There have been several positive comments regarding that video on that golf backswing tip. I am glad you like it and that you have found success with it.

I have received similar questions and posted a response. Please take a look by clicking on the following link (Golf Backswing Tip). However you made an interesting comment in your submission.

“You feel connected for 3/4 but when you try to stretch it full you become disconnected and lose contact.”

I believe that what you describe as 3/4 should be your full swing. Nothing says that you have to swing all the way to the top so that your hands are above your shoulders. It is OK if you only make a proper and effective turn so that your backswing is 2/3 or 3/4 long.

In fact that is the modern swing. It is kind of like age, 40 is the new 30, well a 3/4 swing is the new full swing.

I really like how you have self discovered that if you force your backswing to be longer than it should be that you lose connectivity and contact. That is huge for your game!!

I thought I would add a few other Tour Player videos to illustrate the point that your body should only turn as much as your flexibility will allow, and your arms should stop going back when your shoulders stop turning.

Charl Schwartzel

Schwartzel – Master’s Champion…pretty good title for the young South African. Simply put he has great back and shoulder flexibility. Notice how is arms stop going back when his back stops rotating.