Golf Art

I love golf art. When you love golf as much as I do, then you appreciate everything to do with this great game. Paintings, pictures, drawings, you name it. I think golf courses are the some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Please continue reading for reviews on artists who have an amazing talent in capturing their beauty on canvas.

Tony Harris

This is a review of the works of Tony Harris. It is a fairly simple review…he does impeccable work. The detail and reality of his work is amazing. Whenever, I get to see one of his paintings I am amazed by how he captures the essence of the course he has painted. I played a course the other day that had one of his commissioned works in the club house. I had just come off the 18th to then see his painting of it…I must admit I stared at it for a few minutes seeing the birdie I had just made on the same hole. It truly was a neat moment.

I love how he has paintings of some of the greatest holes in the world, but also can be commissioned to paint the signature hole of your local course. The picture above is the 17th of the Blue Course at Royal Montreal Golf Club, Canada. See how he captures the intricacies of the hole in the painting. You can see how you would have to play the shot as if you were actually there! The detail is amazing!

Tony also allows you to have some fun with his prints. How would you like to hit this tee shot? The 16th at Augusta National…while playing in the Master’s? Well, Tony can put your name on the caddies back, as if you were really in the event! This is a great gift for any golfer and looks great at home or in an office.

If you would like more information on Tony Harris and his great works please click either of the pictures or the link below. I know you will not be disappointed by seeing all that he has to offer.