Golf Full Swing Drills

Some of the best work I do on my game is at home without a ball.  It really helps me focus on repeating my movement.  It is also a great way to watch TV.  Make your rest time productive.  My basketball coach used to call it active rest.

When I am at the course I always want to focus my practice session on one area of my swing at a time.  I do this by breaking up the range balls into piles on 10.  I hit those 10 balls with complete focus on one area.  Take a couple minutes break, and then start the next pile of balls solely focussed on another area.  I encourage all my players to practice the same way.  It helps avoid mindlessly beating balls.

The great Ben Hogan said that he could only hit 22 balls at a time. That was his max and he felt that he could not properly focus after the 22nd ball.  If he could only hit 22, then I think 10 is a good place for us to start.  If you can get through ten with perfect focus, then move up to 15.  However, I suggest never making your piles bigger than 20 balls.

These are great full swing drills to add to your practice plan so that you can maximize your practice time and have fun while working on your game. I have always been a big fan of drills because it mentally and physically makes you feel like you are working on your game. There is nothing more frustrating than walking away from a practice session with no recollection of what area you tried to improve and questioning if you did in fact get better.

I am particularly fond of anything physical action that will help groove my motion that I can do away from the golf course. I truly believe the best way to start grooving a motion is to work without a ball. When there is no ball then you are not worried about where it ends up.  You will be only focussed on the movement of your body and club.

No matter which one you use there is only one way to improve and that  repeat…repeat…repeat.

Your Full Swing Drills

There are so many great ways to practice out there.  Is there a drill that has helped your game?  If so, please share this great drill.  Let’s build a great library together!