Free Golf Instruction For The Driver & Setup

This is theĀ Driver Setup Lesson.This free golf instruction is designed to help you create a routine that will help you setup the same way every time. It is very important that you have a great setup for every shot…but especially with the driver.

It is the club that you are going to hit your ball the longest. A poor setup can affect distance and accuracy. What’s the point in hitting a solid shot with your driver with an inefficient setup? You will end up hitting it farther off course… and into deeper trouble! However, we can make a simple routine that will get you in the right position every time.

Since working on the setup position is considered boring by most players it is often neglected. This is really unfortunate because it is really hard to improve without a good setup. If you don’t have a good setup and you hit a bad shot how will you know if it’s your swing or your setup that is the problem?

So many times players hit bad shots after making a great swing…the problem is their setup position. They then try to make changes in their swing, when there is actually nothing wrong with it. Tinkering with their swing leads to even bigger problems. Everything could have been avoided by following a simple setup routine to ensure a great setup position. To be truly effective you must follow this routine for every shot…both during practice and playing.