Dustin Johnson Golf Swing Analysis and Tips

The Dustin Johnson golf swing is pure athleticism and power. He has been described as an supreme athlete who chose to play golf, and it shows.

I am not going to lie, 99% of us are not going to swing it like DJ, however there are a number of great things to learn  from his game and incorporate them into your swing.

First and foremost his best attribute is his approach to the game. His emotions are  always level. No matter what sport you play, you don’t want to get too high or too low as you will lose focus. The crash down from being too high hard to deal with and it is very hard to recover from being to low. The more level you are, particularly in golf, the better opportunity you have to play well.


Dustin Johnson Golf Swing Tips

Grip and Clubface

DJ uses a very strong grip and has the club in a closed position throughout his swing.

There are more and more tour players playing this way. It may in fact become the new standard. It allows DJ to swing with power and reduces club rotation through impact.

The strong grip and closed club face let’s him hold the release of the club through impact. This actually keeps his club square longer through the ball, which helps his consistency of contact.

Full Shoulder Turn

Making a full shoulder turn helps generate easy power. The more you turn your shoulders on the back swing the more they need to unwind through impact…and that adds to power.

The more your shoulders can unwind the more natural power you will unleash into the ball.

Looking at Dustin Johnson’s golf swing, you can see at the top of his backswing how much he has turned his shoulders.

He tries to get his left shoulder over his right knee. He also tries to get the line of his shoulders is in line with his right leg.

I would suggest standing and facing a mirror to practice this move.

Please understand that DJ is very flexible and can make this move without lifting his left heel off the ground. Unless you have his kind of flexibility I suggest you let your front foot heel come of the ground to make it easier to get a full turn.

Impact Position

I want to focus on his impact position as this is the most critical part of the swing and his is very good.

Take a look at his head position in this picture and compare to the top of his backswing. Notice how there is very little movement towards the target. This is a great thing to copy as it helps both power and consistency.

The other important part to note is his hand position relative to the club. You will notice that his hands are even with the club head at impact. This is critical for success especially because of his strong grip. If his hands are behind the ball at impact then his club face will be very closed and he will hit the ball way left.

His hands in front help him hit the ball on target. This is true for the driver and even more so for irons. He will have his hands at least a couple of inches ahead of the ball at impact on order to hit it solidly and accurately with his irons.

A great way to feel this position is to drag your club along the ground. Start in your address position and then put the head of your club on the ground about a foot behind the ball. Now drag it into the ball. You should feel your hands lead the club into impact. That is the same feeling you want to create at impact.

If you looking to add a little power to your game then try some of these tips from Dustin Johnson golf swing. If you do, please make sure you start with grip. It is so critical to success.

If you have any questions about these tips or would like help with your swing please click here.