Disk Throw Golf Drill

Disk Throw Golf Drill

The Disk Throw Golf Drill is designed to help develop a sound transition from backswing to downswing, help retain the angles between your arm, wrists and club before impact, and get the feel of a proper club release through impact. This will help with power, crispness of contact and controlling spin.

It is amazing how everyday objects, such as a frisbee, can be such a great training aid for improving our golf game. I like using these objects because for a lot of people these things are very familiar. In fact throwing a frisbee comes very naturally. Therefore, we can take the similarities of throwing the disk and the golf swing and combine them into the Disk Throw Golf Drill. The key is to understand what part of your golf swing will be improved by throwing the disk.

Disk Throw Golf Drill: Setup

The setup for this drill is the same as throwing a frisbee sidearm style. You see this technique used a lot in ultimate frisbee games. To get ready to throw:

  • Pinch the outer edge of the disk between your thumb and index finger.
  • You must throw with the same hand as the side you play golf. (Right sided golfers must throw with your right hand. If you throw left but play golf right, please throw with your right hand to get the benefits of the drill.)
  • Stand as if you were going to hit a shot down the fairway.
  • Keep the disk in front of you as if you were holding a club.

Disk Throw Golf Drill: Backswing

  • Load up your upper body weight onto your back foot.
  • Turn your back to the target.
  • Get ready to transition towards the target.

Disk Throw Golf Drill: Transition

The key to a powerful golf swing is the transition. It starts from the ground up. The picture for this drill clearly illustrates this important move. You can see how my weight is transferring to my left foot but my arm and the disk are still behind.  This is very similar to the golf swing.

Other keys to the transition:

  • Hips are starting to rotate open to the target.
  • Chest and shoulders are following the hips.
  • Maintain the gap between the knees.

Disk Throw Golf Drill: Downswing

It is critical in the downswing to retain the angles between you arms, club and hands. You can see in this picture how my elbow is tucked into my side and that my hand trails my elbow. This is a great feeling to have is a golf swing.

Other key points:

  • Most of your weight should be on your target foot.
  • Hips are almost fully open to target.
  • Elbow tucked into your side.
  • Hand trails elbow.

Special note on footwork – the most consistent swings have great footwork. It is incredibly important. In the picture, look at how my back foot is rolling towards my front foot. The inside edge of my foot, from heel to toe, is on the ground, but the outside edge is just starting to peel off the ground because of my weight shifting to my target foot. My front foot is firmly planted on the ground and is able to absorb the weight being transferred from my back foot. This helps keep the knee of my front leg from bending closer to the target than the foot of that leg.

This is very similar to great footwork in a golf swing.

Disk Throw Golf Drill: Impact/Release

I love these two pictures!! These pictures do a great job illustrating the release of the frisbee, which is very representative of the release of the golf club at impact.  The picture on the left would be the moment the club has made impact with the golf ball, while the picture on the right is just after impact.

The most important thing to see in these two pictures is the position of the right hand and wrist.  In the impact picture the wrist is bent back slightly.  This is ideal position at impact of a golf swing, particularly with your irons.  In the post impact picture you can see that the right wrist extends and straightens after you would have struck the golf ball.

Copy this position from the Golf Disk Throw Drill to improve your hand and wrist release though impact.

Other key points:

  • weight is almost entirely on left foot
  • right heel is only starting to lift off the ground
  • hips open to target
  • chest open to target
  • left knee over left foot
  • maintaining space between knees for balance
  • right shoulder is lower to ground than left

Disk Golf Throw Drill: Follow Through

All the same point from the impact/post impact pictures apply to the follow through and then finish position.

I hope you found this drill helpful.  I love using drills, especially when the player is familiar with the other sport or game being used to recreate the feeling of the golf swing.  So don’t be afraid of grabbing a frisbee and tossing it around your yard or at a park.

Good luck with your practicing and playing.  May you reach your golf goals sooner with the help of