The Golf Bunker Shot Stance Lesson

Welcome to the Advanced Bunker Shot Stance Lesson. This lesson is designed to help you determine how far left you need to aim in order to compensate for your open clubface.

An open stance and clubface are very important keys for hitting great sand shots. The question that does come up is…how far open do I make my stance? Fortunately there is a little test that helps you figure it out.

It is an important test, because this lesson along with the Advanced Sand Play Grip Lesson, and the Advanced Bunker Shot Setup Lesson give you the best opportunity for success. With these lessons working together you will know that your setup is correct and that is more than half the battle.

Advanced Bunker Shot Step #1 – The Grip

  • Please see the Advanced Sand Shot Grip Lesson for more details.
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  • Take your normal grip with the club put in front and the grooves on your club pointing straight up and down.
  • Loosen your hands so that your club can rotate so that it looks like the grooves are in front of your face. (about a 45 degree angle)
  • Re-tighten your grip.

Step #2 – Open Face with Square Stance

  • Take your setup position by aiming the open face of your club at your target first. It is critical that this is always the first step in your setup process. Placing your club down first will never change with any shot you will play.
  • Place your feet so that they are shoulder width a part, and square to the target line. This means that your feet will be parallel to the line formed by your ball and your target. This may seem strange, but remember this is a test to see how far open we are going to make your stance.
  • Your ball should be positioned in line with your left instep.

Step #3 – Swing…A Couple Of Times.

  • Now that you have your open clubface and square stance…take a couple of shots.
  • Swing away. Your ball should end up flying to the right of the hole. This is because your face is wide open and there has been no compensation made by your stance.
  • Hit at least three shots from the same position in the bunker. This will give you a more accurate read than just hitting one ball.

Step #4 – Check the Results

  • After hitting your shots, go onto the green to see where your golf balls are.
  • Measure the distance of each one to the hole.
  • Take the average of the three distances you hit your shots to the right of the hole.
  • This test is really for this step. You want to know what distance to the right of the flag you hit your shots.

Step #5 – Setup with Open Stance

  • After calculating the average from the previous step…open your stance so that your feet, hips and shoulders are aimed the same distance to the left of your target.
  • By aiming your body the same distance to the other side you should get the perfect balance between your open stance and open clubface.
  • This will get your ball flying towards your target so that you can hit great recovery shots from the sand.

This is an important test to help you improve your sand play. Setup and aim are very important in hitting your ball close to your target. Everyone is a little bit different as to how they swing and what club they are using. Therefore, there is no set distance for everyone to use.

You must use this test to determine your own open stance. If you do and then take it to the course you will be pleasantly surprised how much more accurate your sand play will be.

Thank you for taking the Advanced Bunker Shot Open Stance Test. The next lesson in the Advanced Bunker Shot Lesson series is theAdvanced Bunker Shot Swing Lesson. Please…do not move onto the swing lesson until you have mastered the fundamentals of the grip, stance, and alignment.

These things along with the open stance test must be understood before moving on. If you have a great swing but poor fundamentals, you will not be as consistent. The tour pros always talk about patience…please be patient in your development so that you can maximize your potential.

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Good luck with you practicing and playing. May you reach your golf goals sooner with the help of