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I built my site to try and provide the best golf instruction on the internet. I was hoping to reach golfers around the world and help them develop as players. Many players from around the world have been kind enough to send in testimonials regarding how much has improved their enjoyment of the game. That is very kind and certainly very much appreciated. You will find some of their comments below.

If you would like to send a comment or question to me at please click on the link below. I would love to hear how my site has improved your game and where I can improve so i can ensure I am providing the best golf instruction possible.

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I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible while continually striving to provide the best golf instruction on the internet.

Once again thank you for your wonderful comments. I promise to continue to build this site and provide the best golf instruction, to the best of my ability.


Thanks so much for your great answer. I’ve had several lessons from various pros over the years and they never made things as clear as you have. I’m sure you are right in what you say that I am on my back foot at impact and my leg drive is too late(after impact) and so my hands have no choice but to take over and flip. Again thanks very much for everything and I’ll practice what you say. I’ll continue to look at your website and enjoy your great answers to all our questions.Again thanks very much for everything.

J.C. – USA

I found your videos on youtube.  My biggest problem ever is shoulder turn, and turning the hips.  Your basketball video tip is great.  I think I really get it now.  Can’t wait to play tomorrow!

K.O. – USA

Just wanted to compliment you on the site. It looks great! Lots of useful information and I particularly like the video golf tips. The video pertaining to your swing and the use of a suit jacket was ingenious and makes so much sense. I’ll have to try it tonight.

R.M. – Canada

I see this website it is very interesting site.this site improve my game.

V.C. – India

I have struggled for too long w/ my poor chipping… read lesson on chipping and knew before trying it out that my chipping would improve, and it has. The lesson also helped reinforce other things in my swing.. ie take away, weight distribution,”L” position and my finish.  Thanks for your insight!

J.F. – USA

I just happened upon your site last night after a medicore round where Istruggled with my one-piece takeway. I am very flexible and tend to turn myhips as much as my shoulders which makes for obvious timing problems. I printedthe section on the Driver Backswing and my “ah hah” moment was reading thewords “if hips are relaxed, turning the chest and shoulder will automaticallyturn the hips”. Can’t wait to go out and try this. The depth of content on yoursite is amazing. I’ve now booked marked it and look forward to working my waythrough it. Just a thought, I sometimes struggle with my 4 wood and don’t see asection on fairway woods, although I realize the premise is the same for allclubs. Thank you again for explaining things simply and intelligently withouthype!

B.L. – Canada

I wanted to thank you for creating this great resource. In the year I’ve been playing (or trying to play) this game, and scouring the internet for informative tidbits to help me improve, I’ve found nothing that comes close to your site.

Your online lessons have helped me to finally “get” how to swing a golf club, possibly even more than a series of one-on-one lessons I recently took with a local pro (although he was also very helpful). You have a unique talent for explaining not just how to execute shots (in great detail, perfect for a beginner), but also why it works, and most importantly how to practise so that the correct way becomes habit. Moreover your advice generally just makes sense, in a way that a lot of advice does not.

So thank you, and please keep doing what you’re doing!

C.C. – United Kingdom

“Great site…..Really like your instructionalvideos…Keep up the good work.”


“Thank you for your web site.  I am a very beginner-still on the driving range.  I feel your lessons on your web site will help me be a good golfer.”

S.C. – USA

“I would like to thank you for making golf simple for a high handicapper like me, for the first time I am actually enjoying my golf. I am slowly trying to do the simple things more consistently. Keep up the good work.”

N.S. – Dublin, Ireland

Thank you again to all the players around the world that have sent in such kind comments. I am certainly glad that I have helped you in your player development. I will strive to provide the best golf