Beginner Golf Tips For The Driver On Alignment

These are the Beginner Golf Tips For The Driver On Alignment. This lesson is designed to help you aim at your target properly. It’s great if you can hit the ball long, but if you don’t aim well and miss your target by 30 yards…you are really not taking advantage of how well you can hit the ball.

Besides, poor aim usually leads to poor swing changes. That is because your brain knows you are trying to hit it towards a specific target. If you are not aiming at that target then your brain will try to manipulate your body to make your golf ball go there. That makes your swing very inconsistent. When your swing is inconsistent, it becomes very hard to score.

In this lesson you will see pictures with strings. Those strings are being used to illustrate how to aim properly. It is also a great way to practice because you will know you are aiming at your target. You can replace the strings with golf clubs. The important thing is to have an aid to help you work on your game.

If you know you are aimed at your target, yet still miss your shot, then you know there is something in your swing or timing that needs to be fixed. You won’t be guessing as to what is wrong…setup or swing.

Beginner Golf Tip #1 : Club Down First With Feet Together

  • You should¬†ALWAYS¬†place your club down behind your ball first, aiming at your target. This is the an absolute must for proper aim. Many people point their body at their target, but your body does not hit the golf ball. Your club does…so make sure you are aiming your club at your target. This is your Target Line.
  • Place your club behind your ball while keeping your feet together. By having your feet together you will be focused on placing your club first.

Beginner Golf Tip #2 : Aiming At Your Target

  • No matter what club your are using, please make sure you are aiming your club at your target. This is your Target Line.
  • Your club is what strikes your ball. Therefore you want to have your club aimed at your target.
  • The more specific your target the better. This helps narrow our focus to hit a more precise shot.

Beginner Golf Tip #3 : Body Parallel To The Target Line

  • Your body should always setup second, in relation to your target line. This means your feet, knees, hips and shoulders follow your target line.
  • As you can see your Body Line should be parallel to your Target Line. This creates your Body Line.
  • Many instructors have used the image of railway tracks. As you can see by the strings on the ground…it is a pretty strong image to use. Your club goes on one rail aimed at the target, and your body follows the other rail.

Beginner Golf Tip #4 : A Great Aiming Test

  • Setup to your golf ball so that your body is parallel to your target line.

Beginner Golf Tip #5 : Check Points

  • Stand up straight and extend your left arm in line with your shoulders. You arm should be pointing about 5 yards left of your target.
  • If your arm is pointing at your target the you have most likely set your body up ahead of your club. Remember, you need to set your club down to form your target line so that you can set your body line parallel to it.

Thank you for reading this lesson on alignment. This is a very important lesson for improving and maintaining your scores. I will admit that it is not a very exciting lesson, compared to working on movements of the golf swing, but it is a lesson that should be reviewed at least once a month during your golf season. We can all slip out of position if we are not paying attention…and if we do we will not hit as many fairways as we should. The more fairways you hit the better chance you have to score.

Good luck with your practicing and playing. May you ‘Play Your Golf Dreams’ sooner with the help of