Vijay Singh Golf Swing

Vijay Singh may have created some tension off the golf course with his opinion of Annika Sorenstam playing in the Colonial or with his legal dispute with the PGA Tour over deer antler spray. However, I don't think there is a player on tour who swings more relaxed than he does. Ok..Ok...Fred Couples...

The greatest thing about his swing is how relaxed he his. When you watch the video below, watch how his lower body propels his upper body and arms through the golf ball. With this type of swing, the more your arms are relaxed the more power you will generate.

Tension in your hands, means there is tension in your wrists, arms and shoulders. If there is tension then it means you won't be able to swing the club. The terminology is specific. When we play, we use a golf swing. A swing provides and image of tension free relaxed motion. That is what we want when we play and practice.

The other aspect to learn from is to pause the video at the seven second mark when Vijay is at the top of his backswing. You will see that his left arm (glove hand) is virtually in line with his shoulder angle. This is an ideal position. 

This means he turned his shoulders and arms at the same speed on the way back. It also means that when his shoulders stopped turning on the backswing, so did his arms. This is very important in order to keep the swing on line. This will make it much easier to return the club to the ball with a lot of power and accuracy.

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