Throw Golf Ball Drill

This golf drill is called the "Throw Golf Ball Drill". It is a great golf drill feeling how the lower body leads the down swing into impact. This feeling is critical for a great golf swing.  This golf drill is to help a player with their downswing sequence. The golf swing is certainly a sequence of body movements, that when done efficiently creates a powerful, accurate and repeatable swing. 

I have always taught golf by using other sports. If someone is new to golf, it is likely they played another sport before taking up golf. Most sports use a similar core motion to be effective. Throwing a ball, hitting a tennis forehand, taking a shot in hockey, or hitting a baseball all start their action towards the target or impact with the lower body. 

Many golfers start their downswing action with their upper body. This causes many issues that drain power, accuracy and make it much harder to be consistent with ball striking. 

If you start your down swing from your shoulders or arms then take a minute as to how you play any other sport. If you don't play any other sports then think of how you would throw a ball as far as you could. Would you use your arm and then step towards your target or would you step first and let the arm follow? 

Take a look at the golf drill below and use it to change your sequence by using a motion you are already familiar with...throwing a ball.

I put the images of throwing a ball against hitting a golf shot for a comparison. The key learning is in the lower body. Compare the hips and legs in the images. The upper body 

Throwing Golf Ball Drill: Step #1 

Start this drill by picking up a golf ball in the same hand as the side you play golf. This means that regardless of the hand you throw with, if you play golf from the right side then you must throw with your right hand. If you play left then you must throw left for the drill to be effective. Then stand as if you are going to hit a shot down the fairway. You should look like a baseball pitcher who is going to throw from the stretch. 

Throw Golf Ball Drill: Step #2

The next step is to wind up the throw. You should naturally transfer your weight onto the foot farthest from your target. As you can see with the comparison picture I am getting my weight onto my right foot in both pictures. It is accomplished in slightly different ways but the principle is the same. 

Stack your weight onto your back foot.

Throw Golf Ball Drill: Step #3

The next move is to step towards the target with your foot closest to the target. When you step forward keep your arm from moving forward. It should stay behind. Your lower body weight should shift to your target side foot while your upper body weight hangs back a little longer. This helps create easy power. 

You can see that my weight is on my left side and and my hips are rotating towards the target. However, my back is still facing the target a little and that my arm is just about to come forward. In the golf swing the weight moves to the left side while the club drops into position, with my back still to the target. 

Please take special notice of the position of the legs in both pictures.  The space between the knees and the rolling off of my right foot towards my left shows that the weight transfer is the same for both types of motion.

Throw Golf Ball Drill: Step #4

Now throw that ball as far/hard as you can down the range, fairway, football field, in your house/office or wherever you are practicing this drill. You should finish your throwing motion with all your weight on your target side foot, with your other foot up on its toe and with your hips facing the target.

You can see in the swing picture how the hips are facing the target, the weight is on the target side foot and the back side foot is up on it's toe.

This golf drill is a great drill for getting the right feeling of the lower body action to start the downswing and into impact and the finish position. 

If you are working on your game and are having a hard time getting the feel for the lower body action in your golf swing, then simply pick up a ball and throw it down the range.  You will be amazed how quickly the feeling of the proper hip and leg action will come back.

I hope you find this drill helpful in developing your game. All the best with your practicing and playing. I hope you continue to find helpful as you strive to reach your golf goals. 

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