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I just have a rules question that I hope you can answer.. If I tee up my ball and I decide I want to push it down a bit.. can I use the club that I am going to hit the shot with? Or is that counted as a stroke, because the club touched the ball. I saw G. Mac (Graeme MacDowell) do it in the final round of the Hyundai tourney in Maui. I told my husband I would never do that in a tournament because I would worry about knocking the ball off the tee and having to take a stroke. Then my hubby asked if touching the ball with the club, might also be considered a stroke.. do you know?

C.V. - Canada


Great question about teeing the ball. The reality is that when you start a new hole the ball is technically not in play. It will not be in play until you take a swing with the intention of hitting the ball.. If you swing trying to hit the ball and it only dribbles off the tee a few inches, it would count as a stroke and you would have to play it from where it lies.

Now, have you ever been playing and someone knocks the ball off the tee without taking a swing. No matter what...some one always says "1", before the player puts the ball back on the tee.This is a classic joke...but is not correct. You do not have to count one because you touched the ball off the tee without any intent of hitting it.

This is exactly why Graeme MacDowell did that during the tournament. He can do that without any concern of breaking a rule.

Thank you for your great question. I hope you found this answer helpful. If you have anymore questions please send them in by clicking below.

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