Golf Short Game Lessons:
The Chip-Putt

This is the Chip-Putt Stroke Lesson. This short game lesson is designed to help you develop an efficient stroke so that you can take advantage of this great shot.

The chip-putt is a nice shot to have in your repertoire. Once you have a chance to learn and practice this method, it can be extremely helpful in saving shots around the green to help you lower your scores. The beauty of this shot is that it is as simple as a putt. Essentially you are using your putting stroke with a different club.

By using an 8-iron or hybrid, you will get the loft you need to carry over the fringe but then the ball will roll like a putt when it hits the green. Please see Chip-Putt Club Selection for more details.

Chip-Putt Short Game Lesson Step #1:

  • Please see Chip-Putt Set Up Lesson for more details.
  • A very important key is to make sure your hands are even with the ball. This will help with proper ball contact at impact. If your hands are behind it will lead to poor contact.

Chip-Putt Short Game Lesson Step #2:
Back Swing

  • Since this is a putting stroke, you want to use as little movement as possible. Any extra movement can lead to inconsistent contact.
  • You don't need a lot of power to play this shot so...keep your lower body very still. This will allow you to keep your stroke very smooth and on the proper path to the golf ball. Moving and turning your hips is unnecessary and only complicates the swing.
  • There should be a nice triangle formed by your arms and shoulders. It is very important that you maintain this triangle through your stroke. If you bend your wrists you will break your triangle and this could lead to poor contact.
  • Use your arms, hands and shoulders to pull the club back away from the ball.

Chip-Putt Short Game Lesson Step #3:

  • Your move back to the golf ball should be the same as the move on your backswing. Your arms, hands and shoulders should control the club, while the rest of your body stays as still as possible.
  • In order to have great contact at impact your hands must be even or slightly ahead of the ball. This should happen automatically if you used your arms and shoulders to make the stroke. If you use your wrists in the stroke then you are likely to have the club get to the ball before your hands. If your club is ahead of your hands then you will most likely blade the shot and send the ball screaming over the green.
  • You will know you if you have a good impact position if your left wrist is flat at impact. This will help create good contact.

Chip-Putt Short Game Lesson Step #4:
Follow Through

  • Your follow through should mirror your backswing. You want to have the same principles for both sides of the ball.
  • Be sure to maintain your triangle with your arms and shoulders.
  • Your lower body should remain very still.
  • Keep your head still through impact and into the follow through.
  • To help judge pace your backswing and follow through should be about the same length. Please see the Putting Distance Control Lesson for more details.

Chip-Putt Short Game Lesson Step #5:
Hold Finish

  • The best way to learn and practice your feel for these shots is to hold your finish until your ball stops rolling. This helps ingrain the feel of the swing and contact with the result of the shot. That way you can use that memory the next time you are faced with this type of shot.
  • The more shots you have in memory the better you will become at playing and executing the shot. This will help you get the ball closer to the hole...and you may even knock a few in as well. That certainly helps the scorecard!

Thank you for taking the Chip-Putt Stroke Lesson. Once you are comfortable using your putting stroke with a more lofted club then take try the Chip-Putt Club Selection Lesson. It will show which club to choose given a variety of situations in which you can use the Chip Putt.

Good luck with your practicing and playing. May you achieve you golf goals sooner with the help of

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