Short Game Shot Lesson:
Chip-Putt Club Selection

This is the Chip-Putt Club Selection Lesson. This Short Game Shot Selection Lesson is designed to help you choose the club which will give you the best chance of getting the ball close.

As you have probably discovered the short game is very situational. This means that every shot is slightly different, and you never really have two shots exactly the same.

When playing the Chip-Putt shot you want to be careful with your club selection. Different situations call for different clubs. Knowing which club to choose will help you hit your ball closer to the hole.

Chip-Putt Short Game Shot:
Club Choices

  • 8-iron
  • 6-iron
  • 3 or 4 hybrid

These are the clubs you want to select from the most often when playing this shot. They are diverse enough that you can tackle almost every Chip-Putt situation. Of course there are exceptions and it will take practice and game experience to develop that creativity.

Chip-Putt Short Game Shot:
Close to Green

The most basic chip putt situation is when your ball lies on the fringe. Now, you could use your putter. But there are times when the Chip-Putt is a better choice.

  • If the course leaves the fringe grass long.
  • If you have a lot of fringe between your ball and the edge of the green.
  • If it is early in the season and the fringe is patchy and unpredictable.

Why the Hybrid?

  • Tiger Woods made this shot famous by using his 3-wood. But the hybrid has a shorter shaft and is easier to control.
  • The loft on the hybrid will carry the ball over the longer grass of the fringe. It will then roll like a putt to the hole. This club feels like you are using your putter just with more loft.
  • You can also hit this shot from the rough because the rounded sole of the wood style head will not get caught in the long grass as much as an iron.

Chip-Putt Short Game Shot:
No Hybrid and over 20 feet long

If you don't have a hybrid (I suggest you pick one up – please seeEquipment Lessons), then use your 5 or 6 iron. The shaft is not too long and it has just enough loft to execute the shot properly. Remember you want the ball to fly in the air only a short distance and then roll on the green like a putt.

When to use your 5 or 6 iron?

  • In mainly the same places mentioned above with the hybrid.
  • Any shot that is 20 feet and longer.
  • Any shot that is going uphill, because the lower loft will get the ball rolling quicker and you can predict the bounce into the hill a little easier. With more loft on an uphill chip putt the ball will hit into the slope and lose some of it's speed.
  • Chip-Putt Short Game Shot:
    Short or Downhill Shot

    The short game is full of creativity. So, if you have a shorter shot that is downhill, or you want to fly over more will need more loft. I would recommend using a 8 iron.

    Any more loft than that gets pretty tricky, yet if a situation calls for it, by all means use the same technique and give your pitching wedge or sand wedge a go. However, more often than not your 8-iron will have plenty of loft.

    When to use an 8-iron?

    • Short chips...under 20 feet to the hole.
    • Down hill shots. When the green is sloping away from you and you need a softer landing shot.
    • More fringe to carry and less green for the ball to roll.
    • There is an obstacle in between you and the hole.

    The Chip-Putt is a very simple shot to execute, especially if you have chosen the right club. Please use this lesson as a guideline. As you practice and gain experience with this shot you will know which clubs work best for you in each situation.

    Thank you for taking the Chip-Putt Club Selection Lesson. If you feel comfortable using the Chip Putt, then you may want to add to your short game repertoire by taking the Bladed Sand Wedge Lesson.

    Good luck with your practicing and playing. May you achieve your golf goals sooner with the help of

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