Rickie Fowler Golf Swing 

If people don't think PGA Tour pros are not athletes...they have not seen Rickie Fowler hit a golf ball! As proof take a look at his left foot as he hits the golf ball. His heel comes way off the ground at impact. That is not conventional, but certainly shows his power. I would have to put a warning label on that move...'don't try that at home'...much like his old X-Games sports moves.

Fowler like all pros has a great setup position. You can see how he builds such a strong base in his legs. He looks like he could take a hit and stay standing. He is in a very powerful position.

The thing I the most about Rickie's backswing is his right leg. He keeps his leg in the same place throughout his entire backswing. This is critical for a solid backswing. If you look really closely it almost looks like his leg is moving towards the target (reverse pivot). However, don't be fooled by his upper body movement. He moves his upper body so far away from the target that it gives the appearance that his leg is moving in the wrong direction.

Most players get their right leg moving away from the target during the backswing. This is a slide, which makes it very hard to be a consistent ball striker. The right leg needs to be the anchor of the backswing. Try to follow Fowler by letting your golf swing turn around that leg. The best way to do that is to make sure your hips are relaxed so that they turn with the rest of your body. One way to practice this is to take your golf stance and then grab your right pocket with your fingers. Then pull your pocket straight back behind you. This will help keep your leg from sliding side to side.

Is there anybody out there looking for more power? That's what I thought. Well at 5'9" and 150 pounds Rickie Fowler hits it a ton (avg. 292 yards). There is a subtle move during his transition from backswing to downswing that helps create extra power. Now I will warn you that this is not easy to do consistently.

Watch closely from from the 10 second mark to the 20 second mark of the video. You will see that as his arms, shoulders and club are still making their way to the top of his backswing, his hips and lower body are starting to move towards the target for his downswing. This creates a bigger stretch between his hips and shoulders, which is what I call easy power. When there is a bigger stretch between the two it means there is more to unwind into the golf ball which can increase club head speed and therefore distance.

The trick to this move is the timing. When players try this they often leave their arms and club too far behind and can never get the club caught up to be in sync with the lower body. When the club gets left behind the shot ends up going way right. The key to the timing is to slow the hips down through the downswing before impact. This will allow the arms and club to catch up to make great contact.

I hope you found Learn Pro Swings: Rickie Fowler helpful for your game. Good luck with your practicing and playing.

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