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The PGA Tour/European Winner Quick Golf Lessons were designed to touch on the aspects that the best players do really well in order to win each week. The PGA Tour marketing slogan "These Guys Are Good" is perfect. They really are good!

These quick golf lessons were posted are in the right hand column of every page on www.free-golf-lessons.com. This page is an archive of those lessons. Please scroll down to find the your player of interest.

Quick Golf Lessons:
Rory McIlroy - 2012 Honda Classic Champion

Wow! What a performance by McIlroy!! I am so impressed with this kid. He is just 22 years old, and with a chance to get to number one,he plays flawlessly through the Bear Trap and assumes the thrown. Amazing!

Rory has a great golf swing. There are many experts saying that his swing is the best on Tour. Last year Luke Donald said Rory was the most talented player in the world. Quite a compliment from the most recent top ranked player.

Our question, always comes back to our game...how does his swing help us with ours?

I really like the video above because we rarely get to see the swing from this angle. It illustrates two key elements that can make all of us better players; his lower body action as he transitions from backswing to downswing and his finish position.

When you wach this video please keep an eye on the how his left knee pulls towards the target to start his downswing. This does two things. The first is it helps get his weight onto his left side and secondly it starts pulling his hips out of the way to create room for his arms to swing through. I think this is a great transition trigger.

Since this is a slow motion video I want you to watch where his hips are pointing in relation to the ball flight right after impact. You should see how his hips are facing the camera at impact...not the golf ball. This leads to a finish position where his hips are way left of his target. We may not all have his tremendous flexibility, however we should be striving to get our belt buckle to at least point to our target.

Quick Golf Lessons:
Hunter Mahan - 2012 WGC Accenture Match Play Champion

Hunter Mahan has been working hard with Canadian swing guru Sean Foley. The fruits of the labour were certainly enjoyed this past week in the desert. He flat out made a ton of birdies on route to victory.

I absolutely love how simple his move has become. It is so simple it almost does not look athletic. There are so few moving parts that the motion looks stiff...and that he would not hit the ball out of his own shadow. BUt make no mistake, this is a tremendously athletic move.

The modern swing, according to Foley keeps the hands closer to the body during the takeaway. For a while players were trying to create width their swing by letting the hands reach back and away from the target as much as they can. This can be very difficult on the timing.

Mahan keeps his hands moving along his toe line. There is no manipulation. As he turns his shoulders his hands move along his toe line and they stay in front of his chest up through his backswing.

On his downswing I love his simple transition and leg action. Watch how his right leg drives in a straight line towards the target. Neither his legs or his hips get closer to his golf ball. This is key to maintain space for his arms to swing freely through impact.

Quick Golf Lessons:
Steve Stricker - 2012 Hyundai Tournament of Champions 

I believe the commentators said he has won 9 times in his 40s. That is amazing!I also agree with Sir Nick and Johnny Miller that his swing will be copied in the future. Technology has reduced the need for hand action in the golf swing to generate power. Watch the old videos of Bobby Jones to see how much action he created compared to that of Steve Stricker.

A great objective for any player is to eliminate any unnecessary movement. Stricker does a great job of that. His hands stay very quiet on the backswing. His wrists hardly hinge at the top of his backswing. You can see from the above video that his backswing is all shoulder turn.

His downswing starts from the hips and he simply turns everything through the golf ball at the same time. His hands and wrists release naturally without any effort. This is a great way to have a consistent rhythm through the golf ball on every shot. This swing delivers enough power to win on Tour.

Quick Golf Lessons:
Louie Oosthuizen - 2012 Africa Open Champion

Louis burst onto the scene with his dominating performance at the Open Championship. Many have predicted multiple wins for this player. His victory this past weekend is likely one of many to come.

In the video above pay really close attention to when the video ends. Take a look at his left foot. Notice how all his weight his on his left heel. This is a great sign that he has cleared his hips properly.

One of the key reasons for starting the downswing with your lower body is to clear your hips out of the way to create more room for your arms to swing through impact. It is a great indicator as to how well you cleared your hips, when almost all your weight is on your heel.

If your weight is leaning on you toes or even the middle of your foot then you have not rotated and cleared your hips enough through your downswing and past impact. You really want to feel the pressure of your weight on your heel like Oosthuizen.

Make sure you start your downswing with your lower body. At the top of your backswing; either pull your left knee or your left hip (right handed player) towards the target. Also make sure your hips keep rotating through impact and into your finish position with your weight on the heel.

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