Putting Track Drill

The Putting Track Drill is great for working and building confidence on short putts.  This drill helps you build a solid straight back-straight through stroke.  If you practice this drill for even a few minutes a day it will help you make more putts inside of eight feet.  When you make more from this range you will lower your score.  If you have a great ball striking day, you will be on your way to a personal best score, however if you are struggling with your ball striking, then making these putts will save your round.

Putting Track Drill Step One: Setup

For this drill you will need your putter, a few golf balls and two short irons (7&8).  Find a spot on your putting green where there is a golf hole cut on a nice flat spot.  If there is not a flat spot, then choose a straight uphill putt.  Put your two irons down on the ground such that they are spaced just wide enough apart than the width of your putter head.  The middle of the clubs should be about three to four feet from the hole.  

Putting Track Drill Step Two: The Stroke

Warm up the drill by making your putting stroke without a ball inside the track.  The objective is to make your stroke without touching the clubs on the ground.  After a couple of minutes place a ball evenly spaced between the two clubs and in the middle of the shafts.  This gives you enough room to make a long enough stroke inside the track. Make your putting stroke without touching the track to see your ball go straight through the track and into the hole.

Putting Track Drill Step Three: Square Club Face

If you can make a stroke inside the track without touching the clubs on the ground, but your ball still misses the hole to the left or right, then it is not the path of your putting stroke but rather the face angle of your putter. 

To start your putt online you must strike your ball with a square putter face.  If you are missing your putt to the right then your face is open at impact, while if you miss to the left, then the ball is being struck with a closed face.  Please switch this is you play left handed.  If this is the case, then work on keeping the toe and the heel of your putter at the same speed during the stroke.

Putting Track Drill: Home Golf School

If you are unable to get to the golf course, or live in a two season climate (golf season and not golf season), then you can practice this drill at home.  You can substitute a your floor at home for the green and books, cds, old vhs cassettes for the clubs on the ground.  However, you can also keep using the clubs on the ground.  I recommend putting a coin down as a target, because if you can make a stroke without touching the track and roll your ball over a coin then you can very confident that your stroke is solid.  When you get back to the golf course the golf hole will look huge compared to the coin.

I hope you found this drill helpful.  If you have any questions please click HERE to send them to me.

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