Putting Drills

Putting drills are a great way to improve your stroke in a very efficient manner.  They help maximize your practice time.  In fact, using these drills for just a few minutes on a regular basis will pay dividends for your game. 

Listed below are drills that I have used to help players develop their putting skills.  Please take a look at the brief summary of each putting drill on the list.  Find a drill you like and click on the title  for more information.


Putting Track Drill

The Putting Track Drill is great for working and building confidence on short putts.  This drill helps you build a solid straight back-straight through stroke.  If you practice this for even a few minutes a day it will help you make more putts inside of eight feet.  When you make more from this range, you will lower your score. 

Putting Eye Line Drills

One of the big keys to a great putting setup is to have a proper putting eye line. This part of the setup is important because it helps get your eyes well positioned to see the line of your putt.  It helps tremendously in clearly seeing your line and getting your ball started on the line you have chosen.  These drills are great to re-visit regularly to make sure your eye line has not slipped out of position.  This will help give you the best opportunity to make more putts.

There are so many great ways to practice putting out there that can really improve our games.  Our player community would really appreciate as comprehensive a list as possible.  There is no doubt that some drills will resonate more with you than others.  It is nice to have a variety to choose from in order to keep our practice sessions fresh.

Have A Great Putting Drill?

Do you have a great putting drill that has improved your game? Please share the drill with our player community! Need a drill to help with a certain area of your putting? Ask here and either myself or our player community will provide.

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