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How would you like to have a lesson from the best PGA Tour players  every weekend from the comfort of your own home? Sounds good? By using the links below you can click on a player, read about the best aspects of their swing and then watch them play on TV. Learning this way can certainly add to your enjoyment of watching the television coverage.

There are two key ways to take advantage of this method. The first is to choose the players from the list that are in contention in the event you are watching.  That way you are sure to see a lot of their swings during the round. If you have a PVR and you can stop the action, rewind and play in slow motion, all the better to learn from their great moves.

The other method is to study a player that either has a similar body build as you, or a similar swing. This way you will learn and emulate a player that is natural built or naturally swing like you.

You can learn a lot by watching everything from their swing, their pre-shot routine, putting, course management...everything. Watching golf on TV is entertaining, but it can also lower your scores.

Please click on a player below to start learning with me, through the best players and golf swings in the world.

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Learning from the Best

In this section I will provide swing analysis of the top players in the world. The point is to be able to show you what the best players do so that you will be able to emulate the moves that they make.

The key to success will be to understand the lessons and then practice the moves that are most suitable for your own game development.

I hope you enjoy the analysis and that it helps you gain a better understanding of your own game. Hopefully you will be better able to recognize the moves they are making during a tournament to help you hit better shots and lower your scores. 

Good luck with your practicing and playing…and watching. May you ‘Play Your Golf Dreams’ sooner with the help of Free-Golf-Lessons.com.

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