Paul Casey Golf Swing

PGA Tour player Paul Casey is a perfect example that the strength of the PGA Tour comes from it's world wide talent.

He has been one of the best European players over the last few years. He hit one of the most memorable shots to close out a match in 2004 Ryder Cup when he polished off the Americans with a hole in one. Does he have more magic to show us? If not magic, then maybe a solid swing to learn from.

Casey has one of the more compact swings on tour. He also has a very powerful move. What I like most about it is his swing is his finish position. It proves how powerful his swing truly is.

He does a great job holding his finish position so you can get a good view of it every time. There are two things to note; his shoulder position, and where his belt buckle would be pointing.

His shoulders are awesome. When he finishes his swing his right shoulder is closer to the ground than his left. This means he has stayed down through impact. By staying down he guarantees great contact. Another way to put it is that he maintains his spine angle (look at the video without pressing play). See how he is still tilted from the hips, that is a major key to good ball striking. When you set up for a shot you create a spine angle by bending forward from the hips. If you don't keep that angle through your swing then are likely to miss hit the shot. Most people come out of their swing too early by standing up and losing the angle they start with at address. Copy Paul Casey's move to stay in your shot.

His hips show that he has fully rotated through the swing. Most players stop their hips before their belt buckle reaches their target. This will cause most players to push their shot. If you can get your belt buckle to your target, or past it, then you are more likely to start your shot online.

Good luck with your practicing and playing. I hope you find these tips helpful as you develop your game.

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