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Question: New Golf Swing for a New Player

Hi i am very new golfer. so what should i have to learn at my first lesson ? please give me tips so i can start the game i loving it...thank you very much.

C.K. - USA

Answer: Start Small

This is a fantastic question provided by a new player to golf. If you are new to golf, the first thing I would like to do is welcome you to this great game. I love all sports, and I have played most of them. However, there is something special and different about the game of golf. Maybe it is the longevity to which we can play. One of my favourite days of teaching was when I introduced a 12 year old girl to golf and then the very next hour introduced an 88 year old man to the game. I wish you much pleasure as you develop your new golf swing.

My absolute first piece of advice is to enjoy everything about golf. Enjoy every aspect of the game. Putting, chipping, the etiquette, the rules, the beauty and especially the camaraderie and the learning. There is so much that we can learn about golf. There is also so much that golf can teach us about ourselves. Please take advantage of that, because if you don't you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity for personal growth.

I have taught for many years, and I understand that there is a lot to absorb when you are first starting out to play. Therefore, please, please, please take your time learning. Do not rush out to play right away. If you would like to enjoy playing to it's fullest then you will heed my advice. Did you know that in Sweden you need a license to play golf? To get a license a player has to take lessons and prove that they understand the rules, etiquette and the basics of playing a game. I understand that this would never happen in North America, however, as a beginner it would be wise to approach the game with this concept in mind.

When building a new golf swing for a new player, I believe in starting small and working up to the longer swings. Therefore, I would suggest to start with putting. It is the shortest stroke we use in golf and truly the most important when it comes to improving our score. Golf is designed to be 50% long shots and 50% putting. It does not work out quite that way as the putting is typically 40% of our games. Think about that for a second...40% of our shots happen with the same club...the putter. However, most people spend 90% of their time working on their full swing shots. To me it just does not make sense. Not everyone who plays golf will hit their driver 300 yards, but anybody who takes up golf can be a world class putter.

So, I would suggest starting with the putting lessons that can be found atClick here for Putting Lessons They are designed to be done in order, so start with lesson 1 and work your way through until the end.

If you would like to work on something else at the same time then go to the fundamentals of the full swing found at the Learn The Basics sectionClick here for Learn the Basics

If you are going to double up your learning at the start by reading the Learn the Basics section then please start with the grip. Practice the proper grip until you think you know it and then practice it some more. The best thing to do is to keep a club beside you while you watch TV. Every couple of minutes take your grip. Put the club down and then do it again...and again...and again. I can't stress how important it is to learn the proper grip. It can make all the difference in the world for developing a new golf swing.

After learning the grip, move onto the stance, posture and alignment. This can also be done at home and with many repetitions.

The key to starting your learning process this way is to be disciplined about it. I can guarantee that friends will want to take you to the driving range or ask you to go play. You can certainly go, but if you are serious about learning this game properly then tell them you are not ready yet. Tell them you are going to follow a structured program to learn golf as best you can, so you can enjoy it for a long long time.

When can you go with them? Once you have read and practiced the putting and chipping lessons, ask them to take you to a short game practice facility.

Once you have learned and practiced pitching and up to the 'set swing' lesson of the full swing then ask them to take you to the driving range and to a par 3 course. I highly recommend the par 3 course. You can play a course where you will hit 80% of all the shots there are in golf and avoid any intimidation a full length course may present.

Once you have done that then start working on your full new golf swing with every club up to your driver. The key to success with this is be sure to review the fundamentals of your grip, stance, posture and alignment regularly. Once again it can't be stressed enough how important these fundamental skills are to a players development. In fact it is useless to practice your swing without sound fundamentals.

Good Luck with your practicing and playing. Once again I would like to welcome you to golf and I wish you all the best as you develop your new golf swing and strive to active your golf goals.

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